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11 Feb

Work Husband and Work Wife: 13 Clear Signs You Have One Already

Who wouldn’t want to have that one person you confide in and complain with at work. That’s what we call having a work husband or work wife.

Who honestly likes going to work every day, seeing the same people, listening to the same drama? This is where having a work spouse comes in handy. But what exactly is a work wife or work husband? Basically, it’s a deep friendship with someone you work with.

Now, in theory, it’s a flawless idea. You have someone who acts as a spouse at work and then when the working day is done, you go home to your actual wife or husband. What could possibly go wrong?

How to know if you have a work wife or work husband

If any of you have seen the The Office, you already know a work spouse is very tricky. Sure, you have someone to rely on in the office, someone to confide in. They’re your emotional and professional rock—you’re a team. But when does it become too much? This partnership you have has the possibility of becoming more intense, more… romantic.

Of course, sometimes it actually works out for the best, but, in many cases, it doesn’t. But before we even get into that, how do you know you even have a work wife or work husband? Well, you’re about to find out now. The signs are subtle, but they’re there.

#1 You’re together… a lot. At work, you’re two peas in a pod. Whether there’s a conference, lunch, or hanging out–you guys are by each other’s side. In fact, when people don’t see you two together, they usually end up asking where the other person is. Everyone in the office sees you two as one—which may not be the best thing if you’re already in a relationship.

#2 You spend a lot of time together outside of the office. For some work spouses, their relationship only extends to the 9-5 office hours which is fine. In fact, it’s a good boundary to have if you worry about someone developing feelings. But for some work spouses, they spend a large amount of time together outside of the office as well.

#3 You gossip together. You can’t trust anyone else when it comes to sharing gossip. But with your work wife or work husband, you have no problem coming to their desk during the day and telling them what just happened. If you can spill the beans and not have to worry about anyone finding out, well, you have yourself a work spouse.

#4 They’re the first person you go to. Whether you’re having a bad day at work, just received a promotion, or had a fight with another coworker, they’re the first person you vent or ask for advice. Sure, you could tell someone else, but why would you. What’s really important is that they’re the one who hears the good news.

#5 You share secrets with each other. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a wife/husband dynamic if you didn’t share secrets with each other, right? In order to build a strong relationship, you need to build trust. You’ve probably told your work spouse secrets that you wouldn‘t have dreamed of telling anyone else in the office and vice versa. [ 14 signs you’re madly in love with your coworker]

#6 You have no problem being honest with them. You can’t be completely honest with everyone, especially at work. Are you going to tell your boss that they look fat in those pants? Or that your co-worker is too much of a gossip? Nah, you’re going to only share those things with your work wife or work husband.

But seriously, you have no problem telling your work spouse that they’re being annoying today or that you didn’t like what they said to you earlier today. You can be real with them.

#7 You have each other’s backs. This is what a real relationship comes down to, do you have their backs and do they have yours? If you can’t rely on this person to support you through thick and thin at work. Well, they’re just like all the other colleagues in the office. What makes a work wife or work husband is the fact that you know you can rely on them no matter what.

#8 At work parties, you hang out with them. At your office Christmas party or at happy hour, instead of mingling with your other co-workers, you stick close to this person. In fact, if they don’t go, you usually bail on work events as well. It wouldn’t be the same without them!

#9 They’re on your mind outside of work. If something funny happens on the weekend, you want to text them and tell them. They’re on your mind all the time. Though it sounds nice, this is usually a red flag that you’re developing feelings. If you’re single, fine. But if you’re in a relationship, this isn’t good.

#10 You don’t want them to meet your actual spouse. You like your work spouse and you love your actual spouse, but you don‘t want them to ever meet. These are two worlds that you want to keep separated. But if that‘s the case, then you need to be asking yourself why. It sounds like you’re catching feelings.

#11 You talk about them a lot. They could actually just be a hilarious person, so you have to talk about them. But if you’re constantly talking about them in conversation, it’s a clear sign that you’re developing feelings for them. I mean, you don’t talk about people that you’re not interested in. 

#12 Your teamwork is on a whole other level. There’s a reason why you two are each other’s work spouses, you make a great team. Of course, you should use this to your benefit as your boss loves the work results. The reason why you two work so well together is you both actually enjoy each other’s companies and work off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

#13 You speak your own language. At work, you two basically communicate in your own private language. Maybe it’s through eye glances, jokes, or memes, but the point is, you two are vibing. Not to mention your co-workers probably hate it, but who cares about them anyways.

Now that you know the signs, look at the relationships you have in the office. Do you see some of these signs in any of them? Maybe you actually already have a work wife or work husband.

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