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24 Mar

Why Do Women Cheat? 16 Reasons Why Your Girl Might Cheat on You

Wondering why do women cheat? Here are 16 reasons why it might be that your woman has gone astray looking for something you thought you provided her.

Being cheated on is a confusing and upsetting time. It might make you wonder why do women cheat, especially if you think you are in a loving and stable relationship only to find out your woman cheated on you. It is a huge shock and leaves you wondering what happened and whether you can possibly come back from this as a couple.

Of course, typically when people talk about cheating, they often do so in the context of the man cheating on the woman. However, when it comes to the reverse situation, many men can’t fathom the idea that their woman strayed. They find it difficult to understand why it happened in the first place.

Why do women cheat?

Maybe you’re in a relationship and were just told you had been cheated on or you suspect as much. Perhaps, you were cheated on in the past and still don’t fully understand the reasons why. Or maybe, you are a woman thinking about cheating and want to know why other women have cheated in the past… or you could just be curious!

There are so many reasons that cause a relationship to become unhappy and unstable, and therefore, many reasons to answer why do women cheat on their partner. These 16 reasons are why cheating happens to you.

#1 She feels undervalued. Women want to feel appreciated, and if she feels you don’t value her or your relationship, she may look elsewhere. She wants to know her efforts don’t go unnoticed. If you don’t see it, she might stray.

#2 You mistreat her. If you aren’t treating your woman right then it’s more likely she will cheat on you. Relationships should be full of respect and affection. If you are cruel to her or treat her badly, it’s no wonder she searches for better things.

#3 Exploring other options. It might be that she simply tests the waters. While that’s no excuse, if your relationship hasn’t been going well, she might see what else is out there. If she thinks she can do a bit better than you, perhaps she looks for who else she can get. Pretty cruel, but certainly something to watch out for.

#4 She’s no longer in love. If she fell out of love with you then there isn’t much hope for your relationship. Without the love, she cares less about your feelings and far more inclined to go out there and do the dirty on you. It’s sad but unfortunately true!

#5 She’s angry. Have you had a massive fight recently? Or perhaps you always bicker and don’t seem to be getting on at all of late. If you both struggle to see eye to eye or keep having these massive blazing rows, her emotions may get the better of her. It might just be a one-time thing, but if you made her super angry and she storms out, she could go looking for someone else to comfort her.

#6 She’s not being listened to. Women need to feel as though they are heard. In fact, we all do, don’t we? If you keep dismissing her or acting as though her opinions or say isn’t valid or interesting she will get pretty mad. If she feels you aren’t listening to her or taking her seriously she may take her frustration out by hooking up with someone else.

#7 She does it to get your attention. Relationships are hard work. Make sure to make time for the other person so they feel nurtured and loved. If you are always out doing your own thing, you don’t go on dates, you aren’t affectionate, and you don’t bother to pay any attention to her, she finds someone else willing to give her the attention she deserves.

#8 She’s drunk. Okay, while being drunk isn’t a very good excuse for anyone in a relationship to cheat, it does play a big part in answering why do women cheat. If your girlfriend gets really drunk, particularly if coupled with the two of you not getting on so well, it might well be that she gets herself into a bad situation and ends up doing something she regrets.

#9 She’s bored. Is your relationship lively, exciting, and full of fun? As we said, relationships do take work and if you both kind of gave up or just got really lazy, she simply is bored and looking for something to make her life exciting again.

#10 She has no respect for you. In a relationship, a key factor in making it work is mutual respect for one another. If she lost respect for you, cheating on you won’t seem like such a big deal.

#11 You’re not satisfying her sexually. Let’s face it, if your sex life has been a bit of a let-down of late, it might be that she goes hunting for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

#12 You don’t make her feel attractive. It’s important for women to feel like their partners are attracted to them, particularly if they made an effort. If you aren’t displaying signs or telling her she is attractive, she may well cheat with someone who does.

#13 She needs validation. It’s also important to feel validated in a relationship. As a woman, if she doesn’t get that from you, it’s no wonder that she goes looking for it from someone else.

#14 She loves the rush. It might just be that you ended up with a girl who loves to live life on the edge and enjoys the rush, danger, and the excitement of hooking up with other people. Not exactly great in a relationship, but some women simply love the rush.

# 15 She’s doing it for revenge. Have you cheated on her? If you have it is much more likely that your woman cheats on you to get her own back.

#16 She’s fallen for someone else. Finally, your woman cheats simply because she fell for someone else. If this is the case, it looks like it’s time to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible!

Whatever the reason, cheating in a relationship is pretty hard to forgive. It may be that she simply doesn’t care anymore and the relationship is doomed, or you haven’t been treating her well, in which case you need to figure out if you can and if it’s worth trying to fix things.

These reasons answer why do woman cheat. But the bigger question is can you get over it–which is all up to you.

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