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14 Jul

Why do Men Need Male Friends?

Male friends and male bonding plays a very important role in the life of men. But is there more to this than just sharing beer and talking about the game or women? Find out why men need male friends.

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Men Need Male Friends TO GOSSIP

Men talk about a lot of things. Some of it may be about other people and their lives. But from what is usually seen, it’s mostly work related or related to situations that pledge hierarchy.

But men can keep secrets. They are very tight-lipped. If something is really serious, they’ll never spill the beans. They’ll stand firm even at the cost of their own standing in the group.

Most of their gossip is calculated leakage. And if it does do harm, it was intended.

Men Need Male Friends TO BE THEMSELVES

Ask any group of guy friends and they’ll tell you that either any one of them or all them change the minute a girl walks into the room.

In a way, it’s good this happens. It shows that basic courtesies are in place. But this is seen as a turn for the worse by the boys.

Why should a spitting, cursing, belching, spilling out of his waist buddy boy suddenly want to stop breathing to tuck in his tummy, and worse, put on a dignified accent? Why would a guy who can’t walk straight for nuts want to learn the salsa.

It’s the fakeness of the whole ritual that puts male camaraderie above a man-woman relationship.

Men Need Male Friends TO BOND AND BITCH

Can it also be true that times are changing and women have made men very insecure? There was a time when the man was the playboy and the woman was the one less likely to break a relationship.

But today all that has changed and there are more men crying into their beers than ever before. Hanging out with the boys certainly helps as each has a story to tell. They bond and bitch and define the collective woman who’s bad for them.

Men Need Male Friends TO HAVE A LAUGH

But otherwise, guys do have a lot of fun. Powerful bikes and swanky drives have become a luxury quite a few urban males can afford today and they exult in it. In bigger groups an occasional female too maybe accommodated (as long as she can be a boy). Laughter rules when guys get together and this can never be bad!

So go ahead and spend a few good hours with the boys. It’s what your evolution wants you to do!

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