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5 Dec

What it Means to Have a Lesbian Fantasy as a Straight Woman

If you’re a straight woman having a lesbian fantasy, you may want to know just what it all means. Here’s the scoop about your girl-on-girl thoughts.

One question that has been plaguing the minds of men and women everywhere is just what is it that turns women on? Does it have to do with the jawline of a man, his facial hair, or even his body type? And what about a personality can make a woman hot for a man?

The truth is that although everybody is different and likes certain features, there is one thing that most women seem to agree that they like: other women. It may seem strange that a straight woman would get turned on by other women, but the facts don’t lie.

We all have unique fantasies

Having a sexual fantasy isn’t something that’s unknown or unique. Everybody has something they imagine that gets them all worked up and turned on. The truth is that nearly everybody has a fantasy that only they know about, but that doesn’t mean this fantasy says anything crucial.

Not all fantasies have profound meaning behind them. Sometimes you have a fantasy just because you made something up in your head that made you happy or turned you on. Sometimes, however, our fantasies can reveal things about ourselves that we don’t yet realize. 

What it means to have a lesbian fantasy as a straight woman

Believe it or not, if you identify as being straight, but you have sexual fantasies involving other women, you’re not alone. There’s an alarming number of straight women who feel just like you do, and it may not be something to even be concerned about.

If you’ve noticed lately that you’re gravitating toward girl-on-girl action when getting in the mood, you may want to know what it all means. Here’s what it means to have a lesbian fantasy as a straight woman.

#1 Nothing significant. To be quite honest with you, having lesbian fantasies could quite literally mean nothing. You could just be having them because it’s what gets you going without having any other significant meaning behind it at all.

Many women fantasize about other women, and it doesn’t have any meaning other than it’s something that gets you in the mood and turned on. It doesn’t mean that you are a lesbian, nor does it mean that you don’t like guys. It just means that it’s something that gets you in the mood.

#2 You’re sexually fluid. This is something that not a lot of people are familiar with, but it can explain a whole lot of different things going on in your mind. First, sexual fluidity is when your preference over men and women fluctuates.

So during one point in your life you could primarily like men, but at another point, you may start to become more attracted to women. If a lesbian fantasy is new to you, this could be the reason why.

#3 You admire other women. Let’s be real here, women are amazing. They’re beautiful, powerful, and elegant. These are all things men are not, and they’re also very coveted traits to admire in someone else.

It only makes sense that you admire other women for all of these, and it’s also understandable that these are the traits that would turn you on. All this could mean is that you just think other women are amazing and that idea turns you on.

#4 You’re not completely straight. This is usually what comes to mind when you realize that you’ve started having a lesbian fantasy. However, it isn’t always true. If this is the case, however, you’re going to be thinking about whether or not you’re completely straight an awful lot.

If you have doubts that you’re really straight, you may start fantasizing about a relationship with women and not just the sexual aspect of it. When your fantasies shift from sexual to romantic, you may fall under this category.  

#5 You desire more women in your life. Some of us ladies aren’t blessed with having a lot of female friends. Sometimes we manifest this desire to have other women around by fantasizing about them in a sexual way.

The fact of the matter is that women need other women. We’re too unlike men to be surrounded with them all the time. All your lesbian fantasy could be telling you is that you need to start spending more time with girls as opposed to guys. So go out there and get yourself some new female friends!

#6 You want something different. If you’ve been fantasizing about anything other than your current partner, it’s obvious that you want something new and different in your sex life. Fantasizing about women just so happens to be something MUCH different than what you’re currently doing as a straight woman.

Instead of thinking this means you want to be with women, just try switching things up in your sex life. Expressing your fantasies to your lover can also help you find out just what it is you find arousing about girl-on-girl action.

#7 It’s easier to imagine. You may think that,since you’ve been with guys, it would be easier to imagine having sex with them. But it’s actually easier for us ladies to think of girls pleasing girls. Why? Because women know what women want.

If you find yourself gravitating toward women getting frisky with other women, it might only just be because it’s easier for your mind to conjure up versus fantasizing about some male getting it on with another woman. You know what would feel good on both women, and knowing that makes it more erotic and easier to picture in your mind. 

#8 You’re sick of gender “roles.” This is more of a subconscious thing that may be happening without you even realizing it. Some girls are more susceptible to gender roles than others, and this may be why you enjoy thinking about girls with girls instead of a straight fantasy.

Most fantasies that are straight play on gender roles significantly. If you’re someone who doesn’t like them, having a lesbian fantasy removes those roles completely and allows your mind to imagine sex in a neutral way.

#9 Women are just more attractive in general. This is just statistically true. There are far more beautiful women that walk this earth than there are attractive men. Girls are very attractive, and even as a straight woman, you’d rather fantasize about someone attractive, regardless of their gender.

Having a lesbian fantasy can be nothing more than you admiring an attractive woman’s body. There are more succulent curves, softness that men don’t have, and a nurturing feature women have that you may be drawn to.

#10 You want to experience it. Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe the allure of being with a woman who knows exactly what would feel good to you is clouding your mind and filling it with fantasies.

Having a lesbian fantasy may just mean that you want to give some girl-on-girl action a try. If it’s turning you on in your imagination, and you think it would still turn you on in person, this could be what those fantasies mean.

Just because you’re having  a lesbian fantasy doesn’t mean you’re actually a lesbian. It can actually mean a number of different things that are completely innocent.

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