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21 Jun

What Do Guys Like in a Girl? How to Accentuate Your Best Assets

When it comes to landing a new man, you’ll need to know what he wants. So what do guys like in a girl? Here are which assets you should flaunt.

Sometimes you need to show a guy you have what he wants first, then allow him to get to know you on a deeper level later. Guys judge on a first impression oftentimes more than girls do. So it’s important to show him your best assets. But what do guys like in a girl?

Before you can walk up to a guy and show him you have what he wants, you need to know what that thing is, first. What guys like most might actually surprise you. And no, boobs and a nice butt are not on this list.

Guys like different things than girls do

You might try to make yourself more appealing based on what you might look for in a guy. However, that won’t do you any good because guys don’t really like what you might like. In fact, you may scare them away if you try to act in a way that you would be attracted to.

The sad thing is, guys are pretty judgmental. As much as us ladies think we’re picky, guys are worse. And the difficult part about all of this is that if you don’t know what a guy is looking for specifically, they might overlook you simply because you’re not putting out the vibes he wants to pick up.

What do guys like in a girl?

If you want a guy to see you as someone he could possibly date, you’ll need to put yourself out there in a way that makes him notice. Here are the assets you should accentuate about yourself in order to pick up a guy. So what do guys like? We’ve got the answers.

#1 A great smile. If you really want a guy to notice you, smile more. They really can’t resist someone who looks like they’re having a great time. Not only do you look happier, but those who smile more seem genuine and trusting, which guys love.

#2 A witty personality. If a girl has some wit, you best believe a guy will notice. It’s that fun banter that’ll draw him in and make him interested in you. Don’t hold back when you feel witty and want to respond. Go right ahead and watch him be mesmerized by her.

#3 Brains. Intelligence is the sexiest thing there is, for anyone. When you’re smart and can show that, guys will love you. Just be careful not to come across as a know-it-all because nobody likes that. However, don’t hold back and act dumb, either. Guys who prefer dumb girls are the manipulative type. That’s why they need them to be dumb.

#4 Simple beauty. You don’t need a ton of makeup in order to get a guy’s attention. In reality, guys like girls who are simply beautiful. Meaning, she can own her beauty with little makeup and accessories. Just be yourself and show him your true beauty and he’ll like you more for it.

#5 CONFIDENCE. You need to have confidence. Not only will you seem more sure of yourself and happier, you’re also showing him your worth. When you know how great you are, it’ll force him to see it too. Start working on that confidence and get it sky high if you want to start attracting more guys.

#6 A laid back attitude. Guys really don’t like girls who are all drama. Those girls pick fights easily and are usually high maintenance and stuck up – something all guys dread. Guys want a girl who can just relax with him and someone who has a go-with-the-flow attitude. It’s more fun for them and they feel better knowing you’re not drama-filled.

#7 Playfulness. Being playful and ready to have a great time is a super attractive quality in a girl. Guys want girls they can joke and play with. Otherwise, it’s just not very fun. If you really want to draw a guy in, show him your playful side and get him to come to you.

#8 Fun banter. Banter is that really fast talking back and forth and it’s usually got some wit and flirting that goes with it. Not only does this show some serious chemistry, but it also shows a level of your intelligence guys can’t resist. Getting into a fun, banter-filled conversation will definitely get a guy’s attention.

#9 Kindness. There’s really nothing sexier than a really kind woman. Someone who’s genuinely nice and a good person is really what guys are looking for. They don’t want some badass who steps on others to get what they want. Guys are after the girls who are confident and strong but also very kind and sweet.

#10 Feminine nature. Being feminine and being girly aren’t the same thing. Femininity is something guys crave because, well, they’re male. They want a woman who displays her womanly side and isn’t afraid to use her femininity. Embrace your womanhood and guys will flock.

#11 An easily excitable nature. This is something you may not realize that guys love. When a girl gets jumpy and giddy and excited over things that make them happy, the guys around them melt. Remember to show them that side of you and what gets your really happy. Your passions will also show him the important part of you.

#12 A dirty sense of humor. This isn’t to say that you have to walk around making dirty jokes in order to get a guy. In fact, this might look bad. What I am saying is that if there’s an opportunity to make a funny joke or to comment on a dirty phrase, take it. Show him you’re not just some good girl and that you do have a sexual nature, because everyone does.

#13 Someone who’s down for some fun. If you’re someone who loves to have fun and will jump at the opportunity to enjoy yourself, he’ll be drawn to you. It’s that go-with-the-flow attitude when it comes to adventures that guys really want to see in women.

#14 Flirtatious behavior. Keep in mind that this does not mean a promiscuous or slutty nature. Being flirty and being easy aren’t the same. You can get really flirty with someone and still maintain their respect. Show him that you know how to flirt. Smile a lot, tell him he looks good, and make him realize you’re into him.

#15 Ambition. Someone who wants to work hard to get what they want is really attractive, to anyone. In a woman, this is particularly sexy. That drive and ambition to accomplish something and lead your own life will draw guys to you like a moth to flames.

So what do guys like in a girl? It’s more complex than just a single trait or appearance. Overall, guys like genuine women who know what they want in like and aren’t afraid to let loose and have some fun.

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