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27 Jun

Things to do on the first date

Deciding where to meet someone and what to do on your first date can not be overlooked in terms of its importance! Do you decide together? or do you make a recommendation?

How ever your choose, try to find a place or an activity which is suitable for you and the person you are going to meet with. The first date is the crucial make or break point in most relationships – the amount of thought you put into it should reflect this.

Going for a walk


Go for a park with nice places

What it says about you: “I like to keep it simple and want to get to know you better”. If the weather is nice, taking a stroll outside is a great way to show off your local knowledge while having plenty of face time to get to know the person better. Do make sure to check the weather in advance, as we all know, the UK’s weather is notoriously changeable. Avoid noisy places like a main streets and go for a park with nice places to sit down and chat. Don’t forget: always check the weather forecast first. Another great thing about walks is that they can be upgraded to picnics pretty easily. Just throw some drinks and food in your bag, top it all off with a blanket of some sort and you have yourself a fully portable meal.

Meeting in a café


Café’s atmosphere is usually very convivial

Usually, most of the first dates take place in a bar, restaurant or café. Café’s are a universally acceptable setting for a first date due to the neutral nature of a these establishments. You can be on your own and you have people around you at the same time. The atmosphere is usually very convivial and laid back. Afterwards, you can still decide if you want to go to a restaurant and have dinner together or you could move on to a bar and have a drink if things are going well!

Going to the cinema


Have a new topic after the movie

It might happen that you don’t know what to talk about on the first date. Especially for shy people among us, maybe the cinema is a good option for the first date: If you are too nervous and you feel like you cannot spend the whole time talking to your date, you can just sit next to him or her and watch the movie. After the movie, you have a new topic to talk about!

Going to the cinema is a cliche, but it works. If the person you are seeing has any more specific interests (do your research before hand!) you could even take them to see a theatre show or a modern circus performance. Just avoid anything too controversial. The last thing you want is to end up sitting through a three hour, highly politically charged performance art piece on neo-feminism and lots of nudity and crying. Just saying.

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