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18 May

The Fashionable Size Double Zero

Do you want to be a thin and skinny model? Size Zero may be a fashionable statement that’s extremely difficult to achieve, but have you heard about the Size Double Zero?

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Those who hail the “Size Zero” are probably in an attention-deficit phase and are more insecure and associate Size Zero to more happiness. The diva of the Size Zero, Posh is known for her stuck-on-her-face ‘scowl’ and sunglasses. And she admitted candidly in an interview that she loves clothes that fit her.

Even after having three children, her body hasn’t gained an ounce. Pure magic or high metabolism? Or she’s probably splurging on her shopping sprees by saving up dough through dieting.

But does size really matter? Why, don’t we all go for the slimmest mobile phones, the smallest laptop or the sleekest sports car? Then why all this clamor over a woman’s size? The answer lies in the fact that, where fifteen years or say ten years ago, the syndrome anorexia nervosa was a phenomenon in the thick medical books, it has now become as common as snoring or sneezing. The basic of the bare essential to life, food, has now become an extravagance.

Carrie Bradshaw once said “every woman has a pair of skinny jeans and behind every fat woman is a thin one waiting to get back to them”. Voila, the cat’s out of the bag. Everything about the Size Zero is about nothing but clothes. Clothes are the essentials for women just a tad lower in the list behind air and water. Food? It comes after the C for Clothing range and the F for Fashion. The Size Zero quest starts from the unanswerable “Am I fat?” question and goes on to comparing divas of the ramp with the blow-and-will-fly super-thin supermodels.

The notion of perfect beauty had been inspired by the super-fashionistas, the honchos of super fashion. In fashion schools, students are supposed to create clothes for sample standard sizes and that size is, well, take a lame guess, ‘Size Zero’. The clothes they sew are not for the en masse, this they proudly admit. These are for the nouveau riche genres of the era.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who’s the slimmest of them all?” Well, you think it’s the Size Zero? Hold your breath now. The Size Zero is actually being challenged by the Size Double Zero, which is a new emerging phenomenon and the torch bearer of the clan is Eva Longoria (the sexy, lovable Desperate Housewife) and Keira Knightley, who had confessed that she is insecure about her body and looks.

So, I guess the “Size Zero” isn’t perfect. And not too many people are happy about it anyways. The skinny ones want to get skinnier, while the other side wants them all to get blown away by a gust of wind.

But perfect or not, the fight between Size Zero and Size Double Zero goes on, each ranting about the other as a tad too overweight and too-damn-thin. What can we say? Pot. Kettle. Black! To those who desire to be a member of either of the sub-genre. And the paparazzi can pick sides, click snaps and chin-wag and shake heads like in a tennis match, and create stories until the war is down to the wire, and one wins.

But really, could either win? Well, until that day when we have a new trend, all I can say is, Happy Size Zero!!!

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