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23 Mar

The 12 Signs of Relationship Compatibility to Test Your Love Match

You think your partner is your perfect match, but are they really? That’s why understanding the signs of relationship compatibility will help you know.

Okay, thinking about the signs of relationship compatibility and if you and your partner are truly meant to be together isn’t an exciting topic to think about. It can get pretty difficult, especially if you conclude that you’re not as compatible as you once thought.

But, at the same time, no one said this relationship would last forever. It could be a short-term relationship until you’re ready to move on.

Wow, I sound so nice… but it’s the truth, we’re all in this for self-interest. However, if you really like this person, start looking at the relationship seriously and figure out if you are actually compatible and not just in extreme heat for each other.

How to tell you have the signs of relationship compatibility

You’ve been dating your partner for some time. Yes, you’re head over heels, but you haven’t really spent much time thinking about the actual relationship. And I get it, you’re in love, you’re not really focusing on tiny red flags or thinking about the future. You’re living in the moment.

I’m sorry to be a buzzkill, but it’s time to be thinking about these things. I mean, if you’re that much in love, the odds are you will be together for a decent amount of time. But you don’t necessarily have to wait three years to figure out if this person is someone you want to be with in your future.

It’s time to think like an adult about your relationship and if you have these signs of relationship compatibility in your romance.

#1 You have the same flow. Of course, someone may have more energy than the other person, but you both share the same idea of how you want your lifestyle to look. You share the same priorities and dreams for your futures.

For example, if you love working 12 hours a day, is your partner someone who’s going to be okay with that type of lifestyle?

#2 Bills, bills, bills. One of the reasons why couples break up is money. It’s easy to argue about finances, especially when you have a partner that loves to spend money when you’re a saver. You and your partner cannot be uncomfortable talking about money or else you’ll have problems.

If you know who’s a spender and a saver, work out a financial plan to keep everything in line. Be on the same page when it comes to money.

#3 You sexually match. I know sex isn’t supposed to be important, but let’s get real, sex is important. In fact, it’s really the only thing that divides you from being friends. Aside from sex, intimacy, in general, is something that you need to click on.

Now, it doesn’t mean that there’s an immediate click, everyone shows intimacy in different ways. But what makes you compatible is that you’re working on pleasing each other.

#4 You communicate. Ah, yes, communication, this is one of the biggest signs of relationship compatibility. Listen, a couple that’s going to stay together is a couple that can talk about their emotions and feelings. Without proper communication, your relationship won’t last. Clear and open communication is a great sign a couple is going to make it till the end.

#5 You accepted each other’s religious and spiritual beliefs. You can be in a successful relationship with someone of a different faith or spiritual belief. But, it does take work and acceptance. This is something you should talk about and discuss, especially if you’re planning a future with children together. If not, you’re going to have problems.

#6 You have the support of your friends and family. I know this may not have anything to do with your relationship, but it does.

Let’s be honest, if your friends and family dislike your partner, what are you going to do? Also, do you like how your partner’s family raised your partner? Does your partner like your family and vice versa?

Though it’s not a direct part of your relationship, it can easily become the main issue. If you have the support of both families, your relationship can pull through.

#7 You have the same nutritional feelings. Listen, if you’re into protein shakes and gluten-free bread while your partner loves eating KFC meals, you’re going to have a problem. I know this sounds minor, but your choices in food and fitness actually show the values that are important to you. If your partner isn’t on the same page, it’s going to be a huge challenge because eventually, you’re going to have a family together.

#8 You spend time on yourself. Yes, you’re in a relationship but you’re also your own person. A true relationship means that you’re able to do things on your own, things that make you happy.

Whether it’s shopping, having a bubble bath or reading a book, your partner gives you the time you need and vice versa. You both understand each other’s needs and respect them.

#9 You can have constructive fights. If your fights are physically violent or emotionally abusive, then this isn’t going to last long and you know it. To be honest, you should end it now because it’s only going to get worse.

Anyways, how you fight and makeup are huge indicators of relationship compatibility. Can you sit down and talk about it? Are you passive aggressive and then explode? It’s good to fight and if you can work through your issues, you’ll make it.

#10 You accept their quirks. Everyone does something weird which others don’t understand. But see, a successful relationship is about accepting their quirks.

If you’re being passive aggressive and making fun of them, it’s not going to work. You’re only knocking down their self-esteem. But a healthy relationship is about understanding why they do the things they do and loving them for it.

#11 You can poop and pee in front of each other. Yes, I know, maybe it’s a little too much information for one day, but if you can go to the bathroom in front of your partner, you’re truly comfortable around them.

The great part, everyone goes to the bathroom, so it’s not something unusual. But this isn’t about peeing in front of your partner, it’s about being comfortable and being yourself.

#12 You both have your own opinions. And they don’t necessarily agree which is great. Most people assume a successful relationship means you both have the same opinions. That’s wrong.

What makes a relationship successful is that you both have your own opinions, yet respect each other’s differences. You may not agree with their political beliefs but you discuss and accept that they don’t need to agree with you.

It’s not hard to be with someone, but you don’t just want to be in a relationship for the sake of it. Make sure you have these signs of relationship compatibility with your partner if you want a successful relationship.

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