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15 Nov

Stop Googling: 16 Pop Culture Sex Terms You Need to Know by Now

Have you ever been sitting at the table with your friends and you must google “what is squirting?” It’s time you got acquainted with important sex terms. sex terms

I still remember sitting at the cafeteria table with my group of friends and they started to talk about sex terms. I was still a virgin at that time and literally knew nothing about sex. I knew what making out was, I knew what the concept of sex was, but, if you asked me what a blowjob was, I really had no idea.

So innocent and sweet, right? To be honest, I was really embarrassed that I didn’t know they were talking about. I didn’t want to have sex, but I at least wanted to look like I knew what they were talking about.

Your guide to sex terms

But nowadays, sex isn’t a taboo topic to talk about regardless of your age. Whether you’re a virgin or having sex, it’s important to know what these sex terms are. I mean, they’re floating around in pop culture, in memes and in movies, so you can’t avoid them.

This isn’t supposed to pressure you to have sex, but rather educate you on relevant sex terms. You’ve heard them before, but do you know what they mean? 

#1 Chode. This is one of my favorite words in existence. How shall I describe this amazing word… Basically, chodes are short and fat dicks. You can use the word chode in its literal form or figuratively. You can call someone a chode. That’s usually how I use it.

#2 Fap. I can’t really write too much about this. To fap is to masturbate. That’s it. If you’re fapping, you’re masturbating or also unknown as ‘jerking off’. Fap= jerking off or masturbating.

#3 Creampie. The Creampie, ah yes. Though people have different variations of what a creampie is, in its most basic form, a creampie is when a man’s semen is dripping out of the vagina. It can also mean when the man licks up his semen, the semen dripping out of your vagina.

#4 Squirting. Squirting can only be done by women as it’s basically female ejaculation. Squirting and orgasming are two different things. A woman can have an orgasm without squirting and also, not all women are capable of squirting. When a woman squirts, fluid releases from the vagina.

Now, here’s a fun fact, scientists don’t actually know much about squirting because studies are usually done on a small group of women or cases studies. So, what I’m trying to say, squirting is a magical and mysterious thing.

#5 Pegging. Well, pegging. It sounds pretty similar to what it is. It’s when a woman wears a strap-on and performs anal sex on her male partner. Or, actually, it can be a female as well who gets pegged. So, either man or woman gets pegged. It’s not uncommon anymore or taboo.

#6 Eskimo sisters/brothers. If you’re an Eskimo brother or Eskimo sister, it basically means that you and most likely your friend or acquaintance had sex with the same person. This is essentially what makes you friends, the fact that you both had sex with the same person. Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are Eskimo sisters since they both slept with Tyga.

#7 Tossing Salad. I don’t know how the name ‘tossing salad’ associates itself with the definition but whatever. A tossing salad is when you go down on someone’s asshole. That’s it. You basically eat their ass. Can someone tell me why it’s called a tossing salad? I don’t feel so good anymore.

#8 Teabagging. I’m sorry to tell you, but, this has nothing to do with tea. If you’re a tea lover, cover your eyes. Teabagging is when the man is squatting over the other person and dropping their balls into the other person’s mouth. Now that I think about it, it does actually have a lot to do with tea. It’s like dipping your teabag into the hot water.

#9 Rimjob. Anal play is actually becoming very mainstream in pop culture and a round of applause for that, it’s about time. A rimjob is when a man or woman orally stimulate the anus. With their tongue, they circulate the anal sphincter to create arousal. And it works.

#10 Rebound. You remember breaking up with a partner and getting really wasted, going to the club or scrolling through Tinder and then sleeping with this unknown person? Well, it’s when you’re fucking sad and you’re trying to get over your ex so you hook up with someone else, thinking it makes you feel better. Which, in the long term, it doesn’t.

#11 Ninja Sex. Do you remember those moments when you couldn’t really have sex, but if you were really, really quiet then you could manage? That’s having ninja sex. It’s when you have to be highly alert and extremely quiet so that you don’t wake anyone up.

#12 Scissoring. Everyone wants to know how lesbians have sex. I get it, it’s this mystical event that everyone wants in on. So, this is done by two women, and it’s when they rub their clits against each other until they orgasm. This isn’t the only way lesbians have sex though, so don’t get it twisted.

#13 Side Chick. You’ve heard of the term side chick. Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s when a guy is in a relationship and keeps another girl on the side. Like, a weekend girl that he has sex with outside of his relationship. I don’t approve of it, but, it’s pretty relevant in pop culture right now. So, though I hope you never have to be a side chick or get cheated on, it’s good to know what it means.

#14 Fuckboy. Ah yes, ladies, you’ve probably heard of a fuckboy, I just hope you haven’t encountered one. But, if I know women, you have. Here’s the thing, you know what a fuckboy is but you don’t know how to define it.

Essentially a man who sleeps around with women, who enjoys the aspects of a relationship without committing and basically uses you, that is a fuckboy. I tried to find an actual definition, but it doesn’t exist.

#15 Queef. Vaginal farts. Yes, you read right, I said it, vaginal farts. When a woman queefs, what happens is that there’s a trapped pocket of air that gets pushed out of the vagina. Because the vagina is full of folds, air gets easily trapped. Thus, the queef was born. 

#16 Truffle Butter. It’s not a dipping sauce for your warm homemade bread, sorry to break it to you. Actually, if you’re a fan of Truffle Butter, then check out Nicki Minaj, she wrote an entire song about it.

Truffle Butter is the, well, creamy liquid that’s formed around your vagina after going from anal sex to vaginal sex. I should let you know though if you have anal sex, change the condom before having vaginal sex… bacterial infections aren’t fun.

Now that you know some of these sex terms, you’re up to date. Of course, there are new ones coming out all the time, so, if I were you, check Urban Dictionary every now and then.

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