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24 Sep

Stay at Home Wife: 14 Reasons Why Many Women Envy Her Life

The stay at home wife used to be a demeaning phrase. Times are a-changin’, women are choosing the head of household and should be envied!

Human nature is predictable in many ways. People always seem to want what they can’t have. In civilizations where food was sparse, being fat was beautiful and desirable. Now that there is an abundance of food, looking as if you aren’t getting enough is “in.” What I have come to understand is that everything old is new again and that the world goes in cycles, which includes things like being a stay at home wife.

In my generation, the word “stay at home wife” was tantamount to calling someone barefoot and pregnant. My mother’s generation was the first to reject the notion that a woman HAD to be a stay at home wife.

But, that is where the confusion lies. Our generation was told we couldn’t stay home because it was belittling and beneath a woman’s intelligence to do nothing but run a household. But how true is that now?

14 reasons stay at home wives are to be envied

Growing up, I was extremely confused by the whole thing. I mean, the whole idea behind feminism was to grant women the RIGHT to be equal, but not the same. It also was a movement to give women opportunities, not to take them away. Feeling cheated, some of us asked, “What if being a stay at home wife is what we want to do?”

So, in a reversal of fortune, what I see is the tide turning. Not only are women allowed to decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives, those who choose to be a stay at home wife are envied. No longer a shameful thing, being a stay at home wife has become not only socially acceptable but admirable.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your husband your job. After all, he works hard for you, why isn’t it acceptable that you would work just as hard to make a life and a home for him.

Having an arrangement where he brings home the bacon and you fry it up isn’t cliché. In fact, it might be the key to two people getting on better and not being so overstressed, overworked, and unhappy.

#1 She followed her own dreams. A woman who becomes a full-time housewife knows she faces criticism but does it anyway. The reason? Because she follows her dream and decides for herself what she wants to do with her life.

She doesn’t allow other people to pressure, shame, or make her do and be somebody she doesn’t want to be.

#2 She doesn’t have the stress of getting the bills paid. There is nothing worse than opening bill after bill that you don’t have the money to pay. A stay at home wife might be responsible for the household finances, but if there isn’t enough, it is rarely her fault.

An endless stream of money flows to a joint account and she doesn’t have to worry about if it is enough, she just writes the checks.

#3 Lunch is not something she only has 20 minutes to eat. A stay at home wife schedules lunch whenever she chooses. Not beholden to a boss or a demanding schedule, she takes lunch when she wants, spends as much time as she wants, and catches up with friends. She doesn’t have to eat in a cafeteria or hang out with the same co-workers day after day.

#4 She gets to do the small things that make her husband happy. I think somewhere inside all women they want to please their husbands and make them happy. Being a stay at home wife means you focus on doing those things that make your man happy.

Whoever came up with the phrase happy wife, happy life, did so because it rhymed, but women feel the same way.

#5 She isn’t so stressed out that sex is just another chore. A stay at home wife isn’t always stressed out which takes a huge toll on her sex drive. Having time to shop for sex toys at will, text her husband sexy messages, and read about the latest things to keep her man happy in bed, she has an exciting and awesome sex life. Lucky her! 

#6 She is her own boss. No one tells her when to do the dishes or how to do the laundry. If she wants to take the day off and fuck around that is her prerogative. Completely free to do what she wants, when she wants, she is the boss of herself, period.

#7 Boredom? I don’t think so! How many times do I hear women say they would be so bored if they were a stay at home wife? The truth is like my mom said, “Only boring people are bored.” There is always something to do. If you choose those things that you do that bring meaning and add richness to your life instead of just being a “cog” in the machine.

#8 She’s free to follow her dreams. Since money is not her problem or her division, she follows her dreams simply because she wants to. Not being a slave to the nine to five, she devotes herself to humanitarian causes, volunteering, or other activities that mean something to her personally.

#9 She gets to focus on a happy home and healthy kids. Not always being stressed and haphazard, a stay at home wife is all about the health and well-being of her family, and it shows.

She is the one whose kids have their homework done just as planned, come to school with the edges cut off the sandwiches, and are there to kiss them onto the bus and hug them off. Wow, horrible, huh?

#10 There isn’t any inner turmoil about where she should be. A woman’s work is never done, truly. If you are a working woman, you probably understand what I mean by this. You have a ton of work to do, but your child is sick. Where are you supposed to be?

A stay at home wife never has to make something that isn’t a priority to her, a priority. She does things for the right reasons. She is never resentful or guilty about where her time is spent.

#11 She isn’t running around ragged holding two full-time jobs. Most women are full-time and stay at home moms combined. Since the household duties typically befall the woman, those with full-time careers and jobs end up working two full-time jobs. Even when there are cleaning ladies and staff to help, her job is never done. When she gets off, she starts the other.

#12 She has more time to focus on herself. A stay at home wife has more time to focus on her health and the way that she looks. If she is healthy and happy, then she likely raises happier children and sets an example for how her kids should live their lives: happy, adjusted, stable, and secure.

#13 Healthy families, healthier couples. That affects the house and the marriage. Wanting to look good makes her husband happy, a happy marriage makes for happy kids… Do you see how nice it is to stay home full time?

#14 She doesn’t have to stress when she needs to take time off to care for household things. She never puts one job on hold to do another. The additional stress of having children, house, and full-time job makes anyone out of their mind and resentful. A stay at home wife never worries about not getting one job done while performing another one. Less stress for sure.

Stay at home wives used to be something to be snickered about. Thanks to the feminist movement, women for decades haven’t been allowed to do what they wanted to, for real. If you didn’t want to have a career, climb the corporate ladder or “have it all” as termed by the feminists, you lacked motivation or intelligence.

A return to traditional roles has many women happier, healthier, and less overworked. It also may be the key ingredient to a woman being okay with what her heart is telling her and deciding to do what makes her happy. If that means stay home, more power to her.

In a reversal of fate, the grass is always greener, and now a stay at home wife has green grass of their own.

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