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5 May

Quiz: Are You More than a Friend?

Are you more than a friend?

Are you and a friend more than just friends or could there be something more brewing in the air? Even if you’re not sure of how you feel towards a special friend, here’s a quiz that can reveal the real truth on whether you’re falling for your friend or not.

Answer this quiz and find out for yourself if you’re just a friend or more than a friend.

Do you have several friends of the opposite sex?
Just one really close pal of the opposite sex.
Yup, loads of them. And we get on perfectly.
Not too many of them. Just a handful from quite a while ago.

Are you friends with your exes?
Yup, but with only the ones who were friends before hooking up.
No way. There’s always a risk of hooking up again. Hello?!
No, I’m not. I do miss them though. They were great people.

When you look at this pal, what do you think first?
Thank God for this pal. What a terrific friend.
Gosh, isn’t this doll looking nice today!
My best pal looks so cute today.

The last time both of you went for a movie…
The guy pays most of the times, there’s still chivalry in friendship.
The guy’s been paying a lot recently, and it kind of feels like a date!
Both of you split the splurge.

If your pal of the opposite sex wanted to crash in your place as their apartment’s getting painted, you would…
Panic or get excited, and welcome your pal home.
Gladly offer your place, and rent a few movies so you guys can watch it along with popcorn.
You’re stunned. A guy and a girl in under one roof. Bad things could happen. No way.

If another friend commented about your male-female friendship, and said “men and women can’t be friends”, you’d…
Argue back, and use your goody friendship to validate your point.
Shrug and smile. Could that be true?
Whatever… let them think what they want. We’re just friends.

Your friend calls you to talk about their latest break-up story. Your reaction?
You bitch about your pal’s ex. How could that dumb person walk out on such a sweet person?
You’re happy. It’s been quite lonely without your pal by your side.
You sigh. Boy, when will your pal ever experience true love?

Your pal compliments you on something. You…
Throw the compliment back and say, “Thanks, you look great too!”
Blush furiously or smile, but you remain silent.
Say thanks and punch your pal on the back.

Your pal suggests something like “Hey, let’s get married in 10 years if no one good comes along, okay?” You…
Tell them they’re nuts and think nothing of the comment.
Are startled. You’ve been thinking the same thing!
Laugh back and accept. Is your pal trying to say something here?

At a party, you notice someone staring at your best friend in a flirtatious manner. That person then walks up to you and asks you about your pal. You:
Tell the person that your pal’s free, and offer to introduce them. If they pass your minimum requirement levels, that is.
Chase that person away! This world has too many desperate people already.
Make up some story and walk away, so you can talk to your friend before helping this person out.

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