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2 Sep

Petty Percy: How to Recognize the Signs of a Petty Person Instantly

Do you notice any of these signs of a petty person? If so, you might want to put a wide berth between the two of you! Life is too short for their outlook.

Pettiness is an annoying trait. In many ways, it’s more than annoying, it’s downright infuriating. If you see the signs of a petty person in your life, or you suspect you do, distance yourself to stop their actions causing you so much negativity.

Let’s be honest, there’s far too much negativity in the world as it is. We don’t need to be adding to it!

A petty person is basically someone who concerns themselves far too much with the things that don’t really matter, the small details, the things which have no bearing on anything of importance. They might also take a small infringement, e.g. you snapping at them accidentally, and turn it into a huge mountainous problem.

It’s an exhausting situation to be in. If they’re close to you, you’re subjected to their pettiness all the more.

The most obvious signs of a petty person

If you’re not sure if someone you’re close to falls into the petty bracket or not, let’s check out these 11 signs of a petty person, and help to shed some light.

#1 They’re experts at making a huge issue out of something tiny. Perhaps you forget to text them back because you’re busy at work. When you return home, they’re extremely angry and won’t drop it.

Everything that happens turns into a huge deal. You end up apologizing and making it up to them when you’re really not sure what you’re apologizing for. Again, it’s exhausting and one of the main signs of a petty person.

#2 They’re pretty sly in some ways. Petty people aren’t always petty unknowingly. Sometimes they use their pettiness to be a little sly. It’s easily covered up because they play the victim very well. Sometimes they can be manipulative and know that if they react in a certain way, you will bend to their will in the end.

#3 They’re never wrong *at least in their own minds*. One of the main signs of a petty person is that they’ll never admit they’re wrong, even if it’s glaringly obvious that they are. They’ll come up with excuses, they’ll twist it around and blame the weather, you name it, they’ll do it. Of course, that means you end up taking the blame for things that really aren’t your fault.

#4 They’re experts at grudges in a timid kind of way. Petty people hold grudges in a special kind of way. They won’t be ‘in your face’ about it or too open about it, but they will stick to that grudge like glue. They will avoid the person and make it very clear to you that they don’t like them. But they’re not going to tell the person or make a big deal out of it .

Annoyingly, it may stop you from socializing with people they have an issue with, simply to keep the peace. It’s also likely that the reason they’re holding a grudge is for something extremely petty and small too.

#5 You’ll be treading on egg shells. One of the signs of a petty person is that you must tread on egg shells a little when you’re around them. It’s very easy to upset them and you might not even know you’ve done it. You’ll find out later when they’re acting a little ‘off’ or someone else tells you what you’ve apparently done to them. Annoying? Very.

#6 They can be super judgmental. Another of the signs of a petty person is that they can be very judgmental of others. They’re very quick to throw out a so-called witty retort when they see someone wearing something they don’t like, or doing something they don’t agree with. They’re not particularly open minded in that respect, and they’re also pretty big gossipers.

#7 There is a ‘look’ they give you. Petty people are pretty good with giving specific ‘looks.’ This is likely to be an eye roll when you say or do something they don’t agree with or maybe a side eye expression that stops you in your tracks. It’s at that point you know that something small is about to be magically turned into something huge!

#8 You can’t pretend you didn’t say something, they know. If you sent a message and said a particular thing, don’t try and pretend that you didn’t. They’ve screenshot it. If not, they’ve memorized it word by word in their minds. You can’t get much past a petty person. Even if you have no ill intentions in mind, it can be super-annoying.

#9 They’re great at social media snooping. A petty person likely spends a lot of time on social media and loves to post on things that don’t really have much to do with them. Of course, the comments will be subtle but obviously shady. They have no problem telling someone what they don’t agree with and do it in a way which means they can wriggle out of it if confronted.

#10 They’re drama-holics, but they will never admit it. They’ll tell you they’re all about no drama. Then, when drama occurs, they’re the ones behind it! Making mountains out of molehills is a petty person’s specialty. If this is something you regularly notice, it’s definitely one of the signs of a petty person.

#11 Sometimes you can’t help but respond in kind. When you’re around someone petty for a considerable amount of time, it’s easy to act the same way. If you notice that you’re suddenly becoming petty in return, it’s probably because you’re catching the petty bug!

What are the petty damages?

Is being petty damaging? Yes and no. If it’s aimed towards you, it’s annoying, upsetting, and you end up taking the blame for a million things that aren’t your fault. That in itself is unhealthy. However, when that pettiness isn’t aimed at you, it can be quite entertaining. I probably shouldn’t say that, but come on, we’re all human!

However, that doesn’t make it right. Pettiness is an annoying trait which shouldn’t be tolerated if it’s upsetting you. If that’s the case, put some distance between you and this person. Breathe some fresh, non-judgmental air!

These signs of a petty person should also be taken lightly in some cases. We’re all guilty of throwing shade occasionally or being caught up in drama. If you notice one or two signs and it’s a short-lived thing, you can’t automatically label that person a petty Percy; however, if it’s a constant deal, and you always must be careful what you say or do around this person because you know they’ll  start acting all dramatic about it, it’s a pretty solid indicator that pettiness is their go-to mode.

Look out for these signs of a petty person. Establish whether or not this is a problem in your friendship or relationship. Don’t tread on egg shells around someone you spend a lot of time with.

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