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7 Aug

Online dating is lots of fun

Online dating – something that we feel is not talked in the society as much as we would like a free society to do. Of late, there are more and more number of couples meeting their better halves online through the number of online dating sites that have propped up.

Obviously, not all of them last the test of time, but there is definitely some room for encouragement after the numerous positive testimonials we have received from our users.

Meeting someone online is anyways better than meeting random girls and guys drunk in a bar.


According one study, a whopping 42% of Americans have tried online dating at some point or the other. Of that 42%, an incredible 27% of Americans have found their long-term partner on these online Dating Sites. Almost 25% of the people have actually got MARRIED to the partners they met online. We believe, that this number is just going to increase as time passes. Whether we accept it or not, online dating is a reality now. It is getting increasingly complex, customized, tailored and constantly evolving.

There is a lot of variety as to what people are looking for at online dating sites – some look for just fun or hook ups and some are even looking for serious relationships. If you are a casual online dater, you have the option to mention it explicitly. We have done a separate piece on casual dating, you can check it out.

Lots of people initially, are skeptical of online dating. And, rightly so. Many people have this conviction to lie about themselves online fearing that they might not be accepted if they are true about themselves.


There are also other options to find someone special who is interested in your interests. There are filters wherein you can match your date according to the interest areas you indulge in.

Online Dating is very different from blind dating. Talking to your date before actually meeting up takes the awkwardness away out of approaching people. You can talk to people you normally wouldn’t talk to in real, because the worst they can do here is to ignore you or not respond you.

Remember this though, things might get awkward when you actually meet in person, but you can easily get out of it, because it was both of your decision to meet. The time and place of the meeting can do wonders to reduce the awkwardness.

Here are some of the testimonials from users who want to try Online Dating:

“I want to try Online Dating, but I have no idea where to start. The only thing I am worried about is that the guys may be a bit creepy.”

“It’s really hard to know if a girl is taking me seriously.”

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

“It’s interesting to know if she actually wants to talk to me or is she just being polite? Is she looking for something casual or did she say that just because she presumed I was looking for casual fling?”

“I am totally addicted to Online Dating. I give most of the guys a chance. For me, the more awkward the better, as I can meet loads of new people. It is a new experience each tie and quite entertaining.”

“I think I am destined to meet my soul mate online. Anyways it is way better than getting hit on by drunk guys at a bar.”

So, there you have some real mixed opinions from both the genders.

In conclusion, online dating apart from being the real deal, is lots of fun too. It works in all the cases. Maybe you know exactly what kind of a date you’re looking for. Maybe you don’t. Never be afraid to go on a date with someone who doesn’t necessarily match your profile or criteria, but nevertheless seems interesting. One of the pleasures of life is to meet different sets of people to find out what exactly you are looking for. Choose a pick and let life handle all the surprises for you.

Either ways, lots of delights and surprises are in store for you if you do ever decide to sign up for it.

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