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7 Aug

No Strings Attached Relationship – 5 tips to get you going

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Have 2.5 children plus the white picket fence. Everyone knows this story. Boy meets girl. Boy uses the girl and breaks her heart. Of course, everyone knows this story too. Thanks to Taylor Swift!

But, what about open marriages? There are enough people out there looking for a No Strings Attached Relationship.

For some singles today, sex without commitment is a welcome option. If you are one of those, then you will enjoy the excitement of the chase – the challenge of meeting a stranger and getting them in your bed within the same night. You will be planning for this by going to places where this is the most likely to happen, carrying protection with you, and going out with friends who have the same goals.

No promises, no commitments, just a pure physical connection. Well, if the both of you do click, there is no denying that you can take that relationship forward.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge, here are some of the tips that could get you going:


1. Select dates that don’t require a lot of talking

Communication is the gateway to intimacy. Important thing is to not develop emotional strings. Do not do or give away things that give you and your date a chance to explore each other. Sharing is caring, but don’t share too much. If you want a date with no strings, then be active in not attaching those strings.

2. Do not spend too much time

Just do what you came to do. Be it a movie, a sports game or even sex. Get in and get out. Spending a lot of time is a sure shot way to develop feelings. It’s just you and her, and the animal magnetism can begin to develop. Hence, don’t spend the extra time than needed.

3. Don’t call her too much.

Don’t ask her frequently to ask silly questions. Any extra signals that you show to her of caring and compassion towards her, and you will immediately finds those strings start to attach. If you’re going out, just go out and that is it. Do not show any interest other than the time you spend with her. Keep your distance. It is important that the girl should not start to develop feelings about you. If she does, consider the strings attached and game over.

4. Keep reminder her that you are not in a relationship

If your date does try to get intimate, push her away gently. Chances are, you will not find many girls, but this is the best way to avoid a serious relationship.


5. The Sex

Women generally start to develop feelings way much faster than men whenever sex is involved. Do not add to the complications when caressing her and being soft on her. Sex should be nothing more than physical. Make sure she does not feel too special during the act. But also, you have to enjoy and ensure she enjoys too. If both of you are sure that you do not want anything more than sex, then chances are you will build a long lasting No Strings Attached Relationship.

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