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13 Feb

How to Unhook a Bra: The Guy’s Guide to Avoid Fumbling Fingers

Knowing how to unhook a bra is far harder than most guys realize the first time. Their fingers seem to all turn to thumbs. Read our guide to master the art.

There’s a joke that goes, “If you want to trap a guy in a room, lock it with a bra instead of a padlock.” This tells a lot about men’s love-hate relationship with bras. And why it is important for a guy to understand how to unhook a bra.

While they do a good job cradling those precious puppies like bubble wrap on your console, they do it too well that it becomes difficult to get rid of in situations where clothes are not needed. Why not let her do it? Well, boys will be boys, and they won’t let you rob the glory of unclothing a woman’s boobs.

How to unhook a bra

Women have a natural advantage having worn bras for a long time allowing them to undo their straps like a pro even if tied to a chair. Asking an average guy is equal to asking a toddler to defuse a bomb with a toothpick. So, we school the guys with a course of unhooking bras 101.

#1 Know how the clasp works. The clasp, also known as the thing that keeps the bra closed, is your primary target and mortal enemy. The simplest of design calls for a simple pair of wire hooks and eyelet loops to keep the back strap in place. Other bras have as many as five pairs of hooks and loops to allow the wearer to adjust the tightness of the bra.   

#2 Know where the clasps are located. If you think it doesn’t get more complicated with the number of clasps on her bra strap, you should know there are bras with clasps in the front and the back. Back clasp bras are the most common and employ the hook and eyelet loop as a lock. Front clasp bras, on the other hand, their clasp is located between the cups and employ a tougher type of lock that snaps both cups in place.

#3 Removing back-clasp bras. Undoing this type of bra clasp is best done with both hands. To accomplish this, use one hand to pinch the top portion of the strap where the hooks are attached and use the other hand to keep the bottom part in place.

Remember bra straps are typically elastic so you need to pull the top strap towards the other direction until you feel the hook snap free from the eyelet loop. Once you lax the straps, her boobs will be free.

#4 The one-hand method. Girls are experts in this style but more challenging for you. But to do this, pinch the area where the hook and eyelet loop meet with your thumb and another finger or two. Using the same principle that keeps them in place, remove the tension by pinching the fabric upward and away from her body to let the hook be free from the eyelet loop. Let go from the pinch. Her bra is undone.

#5 Removing front clasp bras. Front clasp bras are trickier and usually require both hands. To undo a front clasp bra, use both hands to pinch the small amount of fabric at the lower edge of the cups where those two meet. Then pull the right part of the clasp towards you and keep the left part pinned towards her chest. This gives some resistance compared to hook-and-eyelet clasps but with a little force, it will open like a snap button.

#6 Using your teeth. If you’re lazy or to add a sexy note to disrobing her, use your teeth to unhook her bra. It is not an easy task but with a little practice and some eagerness, you may succeed. Just like the way you unclasp a bra with one hand, use your teeth to bite the strap with the hooks attached. Then, tug it towards the direction opposite the eyelets, and with a little force, her bra’s off.

#7 Know the other different types of bras. Just like any other female commodity, there are many types of bras with varying designs and different removal difficulty levels. If you want to know how to unhook a bra, it is important to recognize each type so that when she takes her top off, you know where to fiddle with the locks.

**Stick –on bras *easiest*. As the name implies, girls just stick it on and doesn’t require a strap to stay in place. Worn when they want to wear backless or sheer back tops, these babies work by means of adhesives that stick on the wearer’s skin. Just peeling it off like a foil wrapper. But do it carefully to avoid giving her an instant waxing.

**Bandeau bras *easy*. Upon first glance, bandeau bras look like a confusing cross between a strapless bra and a tube top. These types are also one of those that don’t have a clasp lock which means that you just need to pull it up or down to reveal her precious puppies.

**Strapless bras *easy*. Third on the line of bras easy to undo, strapless bras are regular bras sans the shoulder straps. It still has the clasp on the back/front but without the shoulder straps. Her boobs are just one pull away from freedom.

**Sports bras *difficult*. Sports bras on the other hand, are designed to keep the breasts from flailing around when the wearer is doing strenuous physical activities. The intended purpose means a tight, hugging fit which is a challenge to undo compared to your average, daily-wear bra.

**Cage bras *very difficult*. As the name implies, these sinister babies are designed to keep her boobs confined or give the idea they are confined. From the outside it does look kinky with all the straps that dangle from it, but more straps mean more clasps and loops for you to undo. Unfastening cage bras is said to be like escaping from Houdini’s straight jacket.

Undoing a bra may be a simple mundane task, but for men, it could mean life or death in very special situations. That’s why knowing how to unhook a bra in a span of seconds is an important skill for guys to have.

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