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20 Feb

How to Turn Your Man On: 20 Ways to Get Him Seriously Hot

Are you looking for how to turn your man on? Everyone needs some fresh ideas from time to time. And these 20 tips will have your man begging for more!

Let’s be honest: when it comes to having great sex, it is all about mutual pleasure. We love it when our men take time and care to make sure we are seriously satisfied in the bedroom, but one thing that they have no control over is how far we are willing to go to reciprocate.

Seeing your man writhing around in pleasure and him telling you how good/hot/sexy you are when it comes to your talents in the bedroom is a huge turn on in and of itself.

How to turn your man on

So, whether it’s a passion-fueled one night stand, or your partner of many years, let’s get things steaming up in the bedroom with these fantastic tips that are going to leave your man feeling on top of the world!

#1 Strip tease. There is nothing your man would like more than to see every single inch of you. He probably thought his days of seeing strippers were over… but he was wrong!

Performing a sexy strip tease for him can be super hot. Just invest in some great lingerie and work out an outfit that you know you can take off sexily and slowly to make the moment last. If you aren’t feeling too confident, there are plenty of places where you can take a class or two to build up your moves. You can light candles and play music to keep the mood romantic, too!

#2 Talk dirty. Dirty talk is incredibly hot and can make your guy super turned on. If you haven’t done it before, start slowly by murmuring in his ear, “This feels good” or “You feel so hard,” and if he responds well, then take it a step further. You can get as filthy as you’d like. [Check out: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend]

#3 Watch a porno. Watching porn together can be a huge turn on if you want to get in the mood for a good romp under the covers. Men are visually stimulated, so watching porn is a great way to turn him on, and having a real-life naked lady next to him—even better!

You can copy the positions and the noises they are using, and with the huge range of videos out there, you are bound to find something that gets you both going!

#4 Make a porno. Hey, if you are cool with watching porn, why not take it one step further and make your own? Saying it is OK to film you having sex is probably up there on his bucket list, but make sure you set some ground rules first—i.e. “No showing it to your buddies,” and then off you go! [Try: 6 things you HAVE to know before stripping for your webcam]

#5 Use food. Letting him eat off you can be really sexy. Messy food, like whipped cream and melted chocolate can be great—as long as you don’t mind getting a bit sticky in the process!

#6 Tie him up. Be a dominatrix for the evening and tie your man to the bed. Using his ties or silk scarves, you can gently and slowly tie his hands and legs to the bed, keeping eye contact with him the entire time.

Feeling helpless and overpowered will make him hugely aroused, and once he is lying there, all helpless, what you do next is up to you! [Check out: BDSM tips and tricks for curious first-timers]

#7 Have phone sex. Even if you’re not away from each other a lot, trying phone sex, or Skype/FaceTime sex is something everyone should try at least once! Even if you end up giggling more than getting down, why not give it a go?

#8 Masturbate. You touching yourself is guaranteed to make him go wild. So, next time he starts making a move, gently push him away and start touching yourself, while looking at him the whole time. He will soon get the picture and will most likely join in the fun!

#9 Dress up. If you know he has a thing for nurses/air hostesses, girls in dungarees, or whatever else, why not make his dreams come true and play a little dress up? He is sure to thank you for it—in seriously satisfying ways. [Try: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

#10 Do it in the wild. Just because the bedroom has a bed in it doesn’t mean it is the only place you should be doing it. Get out there into the great outdoors—there are plenty of places where you can jump his bones and he is sure to love your spontaneity.

#11 Make use of your entire house. Do it in every room. Make this your aim. Start now.

#12 Introduce sex toys. Sex toys are a fantastic way to spice things up under the covers. Long gone are the days where your only option was a large, embarrassingly loud, hard, plastic dildo. Now, there are toys for almost any kind of pleasure you want to give, so use your imagination and go wild!

#13 Get a bit aggressive. Men are used to being the dominant ones in the relationship, so why not switch things up a bit and get a little aggressive? Push him up against the wall and kiss him hard, or give him a good spanking—you know he deserves it!

#14 Make his fantasies come true. Find out what his sexual fantasies are and make them happen. It’s great to be in a relationship where you can share your most intimate desires, and making his sexual fantasies come true will make him massively grateful, we’re sure!

#15 Tease him. Everyone likes to be teased occasionally, and building up tension, suspense, and sexual desire is going to get him seriously hot under the collar. Start by sending him sexy messages, build it up to pictures, and when he gets home, all hot and bothered, make him wait. Undress him slowly, don’t let him touch you, and skim your hands all over his body until he can’t take it anymore. [Try: 6 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

#16 Oral. Oral never fails to get a man going! So, make sure you dedicate enough time to putting your money where your mouth is. He’ll really appreciate it!

#17 Work out those Kegels! Squeezing your Kegel muscles each day will build up the muscle and make you feel tighter. You can do them just about anywhere, and he should notice a difference after a few weeks. Give your downstairs a workout and you’ll improve the quality of sex—for both of you!

#18 Make eye contact. Don’t look away from him when you are getting down and dirty. Maintaining eye contact is important, so don’t be shy, and look him in the eye! [Check out: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

#19 Compliment him. Think compliments are just for girls? Think again. Guys love receiving compliments as much as we do, and they want to know that they are hot, turning us on, amazing in bed, etc. Make sure you don’t neglect your man, and give his ego a little boost from time to time.

#20 Surprise him. Unexpected sex can be seriously hot. Come downstairs in nothing but your birthday suit when he’s watching TV, turn up at his work in a long overcoat and not much else, or make him pull down a side road when you’re traveling in the car. That “I’ve got to have you now” feeling makes sex hot, hot, hot!

Sex is all about mutual respect, and making an effort with one another. Don’t let your sex life get dull, and keep your man with a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye all year long!

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Not sure how to turn your man on? These 20 tips will keep your man feeling great about your sex life and seriously satisfied. So get cracking, and try them out tonight! 

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