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1 Aug

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Has Had Bigger Without Asking Her

No kind of reassurance dissuades men from being conscious of the size of their penis, or wanting to know how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger.

Penis size has been a sensitive and confusing issue for men. As there’s still no definite conclusion on the question whether penis size matters and given that it’s always left to the “personal preference” of their partner, some men just can’t stop themselves from asking and wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger before them.

How to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger

Call it fragile masculinity or insecurity, but men place importance on whether their tool “measures up” to the task of pleasing their partner. Asking directly can either emasculate or boost the ego, so a more subtle approach to knowing if his girlfriend has had bigger is more standard.

The physical approach: Apparently inconclusive

Common sense would have anyone base their inquiry on the physical “feel” of her vagina during sex. Some guys believe that a loose vagina is a clear sign that their girlfriend has experienced bigger penises before them. Seriously, stop right there. There is no way to physically tell if your relationship predecessor has a bigger package than you. Here’s why:

#1 Penises come in different shapes and sizes. First and foremost, penis size and shape are not identical on all men. And that makes your own penis a poor instrument in determining whether she has had a bigger penis before you or not.

#2 Vaginas also come in different sizes. No girl has an identical vagina, the same as penis shapes and sizes differ among men. The same girl having sex with two different guys with two different penis sizes may produce different sensations and may be perceived as loose or tight by either man.

#3 Vaginas are sturdier and more flexible than imagined. Truly, vaginas are well-designed by nature to withstand any form of punishment and repeated sexual activity.

It stretches many times its normal size during childbirth or during sex. And it is still capable of returning to its original shape moments after. This feature alone falsifies the belief that taking a large penis will stretch a vagina giving it a loose feel during sex.

Clearly an anatomical check to see if she has had a bigger penis will yield inconclusive results. Vaginas are quite hardy and differ across females. Making it possible for a virgin’s vagina to feel loose while a middle-aged woman who had given birth four times may feel tight.

The Direct Approach: The fool-proof yet difficult option

If you’re man enough to hear the truth from your girlfriend’s mouth, and you prefer the quickest and easiest solution to your size inquiry, ask your girl directly.

Sure, she’ll probably give you a weird look, ask you why you want to know, and probably laugh at you once you tell her your reason, but it’s done and over with. Question is, what are the ways to pop the question?

#4 Ask it straight and neat. If you just want to know and get it over with, then pop the straightforward question. Just be warned that some girls may not be comfortable talking about their previous sexual encounters with ex-partners. If the relationship is more recent, expect white lies or some resistance in getting your desired information.

#5 Start a random conversation about penises during idle moments. The idea is to lead her to your desired line of questioning through a random conversation about penises. Start by using the story a “friend of a friend” tactic, or tell her about the totally hung dude from a porn video you watched ages ago. Slowly, bring the topic on her own experiences with penises.

#6 She lets you know that you’re the biggest so far. On very rare moments of victory in a man’s life he will possess the biggest penis that his girlfriend has had. She will make it known to your great delight. If she tells you that you’re the biggest so far, relish that ego boost. There’s no need to know if your predecessor had a bigger one than yours.

Subtle techniques: If you can’t handle the truth but are still curious 

Fine, we get it. Sometimes you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, and you really need to know. And if pride cannot make you ask directly, you resort to sneaky and partially ineffective ways to get your answer. For peace of mind, here are some of the less obvious ways to know if she’s had a bigger penis.

#7 Stalk her ex-partners online. Disgraceful, yes, but getting a look at a photo of her ex will give you an idea what they are packing inside their pants. As a guy, you are familiar how a guy’s height, girth, and beefiness can affect the size of his penis. So stalk away and go figure.

#8 Observe how she takes the first “slip.” Big guys usually get huge gasp of surprise or pain during the first insertion which the ladies never get used no matter how many times it happens. So if your first slip gets a lukewarm reception from her, she’s probably had bigger.

#9 Observe how she vocalizes during sex. As a hint, she says things as they are during sex. For example, if she feels your member is pleasingly big then she will definitely say so. If she hasn’t commented on the size of your penis then expect that she has had bigger before you.

#10 She fantasizes about big penises. If your girlfriend fantasizes about taking a bigger penis, and you notice that she owns dildos or other penetrative sex toys visibly larger than your tool then she probably has experienced a bigger penis than you. She’s looking to experience it once again. So much for your self-esteem.

Since doing an anatomical test on your girlfriend will not get a definitive answer, learning how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger is to subtly observe her during sex or ask her directly.

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