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2 Sep

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying about Cheating on You: Subtle Hints

If someone has cheated on you and you’ve found out, you’re already hurt. But here’s how to tell if someone is lying about cheating on you.

After discovering your partner is cheating on you, you have a couple of options: pretend nothing is happening or confront them on it. Now, most of us choose the latter. And even though you have evidence and know they’re being unfaithful; it doesn’t mean your partner will admit they’re cheating. If they say they’re not cheating on you, how can you tell if they’re being honest or just trying to hide the truth? It’s time to learn how to tell if someone is lying about cheating on you.

How to tell if someone is lying about cheating on you

There’s one thing we can all mutually agree on, and it’s that no one wants to be cheated on by their partner. I’m pretty sure it’s on the top of everyone’s list of fears. You give your heart to someone, and they do the worst thing imaginable and go behind your back to someone else. It’s gross, shady, and a big no-no.

Now, there are many people who simply never suspect anything or find out their partner is cheating on them. This happens. But a majority of people end up discovering the news about their partner.

A double whammy you don’t want.

#1 They’re being defensive. You decided to confront them about their cheating. Instead of talking about it with you, they become defensive. Even if you ask a simple question, they get angry and say you’re being aggressive or just want to cause drama. But this is all a distraction from the truth.

#2 You have evidence… and a lot of it. Maybe you haven’t shown them the screenshots of their texts or photos of them with their side chick/guy. But you have the evidence in the palm of your hand, and you have a lot of it. If you already know they’re cheating on you because you’ve seen the evidence, well, you know everything they’re saying is a lie.

#3 They’re using a little too much eye contact. We all know eye contact is a great tool to use when trying to connect with someone. So, when people lie, they overdo it with eye contact in hopes of showing that they’re honest and genuine. Too much eye contact isn’t a good thing when it comes to lying.

#4 They have a history of lying. This isn’t the first time they lied to you before. Now, it doesn’t mean they’re lying right now. But if your partner has a serious history of lying to you, then it shows they didn’t have much respect for you to begin with.

#5 You can see they’re working hard. If someone isn’t cheating on your or has admitted to cheating on you, they act differently than someone who’s trying to lie to you. Your partner is working a little too hard to convince you. And it shows. Their pupils are dilated, which shows their brain is busy working.

#6 They tell you to “trust them.” Ah yes, what a classic phrase to use if you’re guilty. Someone who’s lying about cheating on their partner will use phrases like “trust me” or “honestly” as a way to sound more honest. But all it does is make them sound even more suspicious.  

#7 They bring out the fake smile. Everyone loves a fake smile, right? Wrong. But when you’re lying, you’re trying to convince the other person. So, you bring out all the tools from your toolbox. We’ve all done a fake smile here and there not to offend someone, so you know why you would use one. If the smile doesn’t hit the eyes, something is wrong.

#8 Your gut instinct is telling you something is wrong. No matter what they’re telling you, and how believable it sounds, you still feel something is wrong. You just can’t believe a word they’re saying. And if this is the case, listen to your gut. If it sounds wrong, then most likely, it is wrong.

#9 They flip the blame onto you. When you confront them, they’re defensive. But they also try to pin the blame on you, saying you’re the one who’s being unfaithful and cheating on them. It’s a classic manipulation move to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

#10 They continue their shady behavior. After the conversation, you haven’t really seen any change. They still continue their shady behavior and think their lie has worked on you. But you know what’s going on. Now you just decide what you’re going to do next.

#11 They touch their face. Researchers have done a lot of studies on liars. There’s one thing that seems to happen with everyone who lies: they touch their face. More specifically, people who lie usually touch or cover their face or mouth.

#12 They clearly look uncomfortable. Now, when it comes to the topic of cheating, there’s no way to look comfortable. But if your partner looks like the FBI is interrogating them *they’re sweaty, their legs are jumpy*, they might be lying. But they don’t understand they’re in this situation because of their own actions.

Understanding how to tell if someone is lying about cheating on you is like ripping off the Band-Aid. It will hurt, but you’re better off ripping it instead of leaving it hanging.

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