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3 Dec

How to Seduce Your Boyfriend and Leave Him Wanting More

If you’re wondering how to seduce your boyfriend and get him all hot and sweaty under the collar, worry no more! Here are 16 ways to seduce your man.

If you want to seduce your boyfriend, you need to remember that the art of seduction comes easier to some people than others. Some of you have got it all going on, and one seductive look will have him squirming so badly it will be a mere matter of moments before you are tearing each other’s clothes off.

For others, it’s not quite so easy. Feeling insecure and self-conscious, not knowing what he likes *and not being brave enough to ask*, fear of rejection or feeling stupid – these are all reasons that can make us turn from sexy seductress into a quivering, fumbling wreck in no time at all.

If you are in a relationship, you might find it hard to take on the role of the seductress, especially as time goes on. It’s not that your feelings for your man have changed, but those “I’ve got to have you now” moments are becoming a little more few and far between.

Of course, this is perfectly natural, but at the same time, it is good to remember how fantastic it feels to have a great sex life. Not to mention how totally and utterly surprised and grateful your man will be if you take control and seduce him good and proper!

How to seduce your boyfriend in 16 unforgettable ways

With this in mind, we have come up with 16 awesome ways to try and seduce your boyfriend – he’ll be like putty in your hands in no time at all, we’re sure of it.

#1 Tell him your fantasy. Guys love hearing about all the dirty, sexy things we want them to do to us, so don’t be afraid to share your wildest fantasies with him.

Whatever you have in mind, pick your moment and whisper it in his ear. He’ll be desperate to make your sexual fantasy a reality, so if you are game, we are sure he will be too. This is a great first step in figuring out how to seduce your boyfriend.

#2 Ask him his fantasy. Obviously, sharing and acting out each other’s fantasies is a two-way street, so get him to tell you his ultimate fantasy and then act it out. Remember to keep an open mind and just go with it. The fact that you are willing to make all his sexual dreams come true will give you serious girlfriend brownie points.

#3 Play around with music. Ever tried having sex to music? It can really change the way you do it. Music is very emotive and can make you feel happy, angry, energetic, and, yep, you got it, seriously sexy too.

Different couples find different kinds of music a turn on. Some like to listen to a classic bump n’ grind, while others want to get down and dirty while blasting out punk rock music at full volume. Whatever floats your boat, this is certainly worth a try and can make you feel more empowered and confident too.

#4 Romance him. Guys like to be wined and dined sometimes too, you know. Make sure you give him all the attention he deserves and show him just how special he is to you by taking him out for a romantic night.

There is nothing wrong with having an intimate evening in – just the two – of you, either. Light some candles, turn the lights down low, and let the romance take over.

#5 Buy sexy lingerie. There is nothing a guy likes more than stripping off his woman to find she’s wearing a sexy little surprise for him underneath.

Sexy lingerie can be just the ticket when it comes figuring out how to seduce your boyfriend. You could go for something classically sexy like red or black lace, or really go to town with slips, stockings, suspenders… the list goes on.

#6 Make eye contact. Even if you are not feeling that confident, if you don’t make eye contact with your boyfriend, it is going to be hard to seduce him. Practice looking confident and sexy in the mirror.

Maintaining eye contact with him, especially when you start to get down to business, can be a seriously seductive turn on.

#7 Give him a sexy massage. Get your guy to really relax by giving him the full spa treatment. Invest in some great-smelling massage oil, put on some spa music *you can easily find some online*, and then give him a full-body massage to help relieve stress and make him feel totally at ease.

The scent, the slippery oil, and you will all work together to whip him up in a world of seduction in no time at all.

#8 Reminisce. Look at old pictures together, visit the place you went on your first date, and talk about your favorite memories of each other. Being an excellent seductress doesn’t just have to be about sex.

Remembering the wonderful times you have shared will make you feel stronger and closer as a couple – and that can be a great seducer too! When you were wondering how to seduce your boyfriend, I bet you never thought of this one.

#9 Make out passionately. So often, if we have been in a relationship for a while, we forget how sexy a good old-fashioned make out session can be.

So why not seduce him by reminding him of the old times where you’d pass hours together just canoodling on the sofa? We are sure by the end of it he will be truly seduced!

#10 Arrange a sex date. Obviously, spontaneous sex is awesome. But actually arranging it can be seriously sexy too. If you make a date to have sex, then the anticipation will end up driving you both wild.

You could even arrange to meet separately in a bar first, have a couple of drinks, and before you know it, he’ll be dragging you back to the bedroom in no time at all. Stop being shy, stop wondering how to seduce your boyfriend, and just get on it!

#11 Send sexy texts. While he’s at work, why not start sending him some sexy texts? You can begin simply with something like “I can’t wait to see you when you get home,” and then move on to more sexy messages.

You can tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, and what you want to do to him. That will get him hot under the collar for sure. So stop worrying about how to seduce your boyfriend and grab your phone now.

#12 Surprise him with a trip. There is nothing like an impromptu road trip or getaway to rekindle that spark. So if you really want to spoil your man, why not pack your bags and head off on a fun weekend away somewhere, just the two of you? Sometimes getting away from it is all you need.

#13 Book a hotel room. For one night only, why not book a hotel and have a night of unbridled passion? Sometimes just getting out of your same, tired, old bedroom can be all that you need to rekindle the fire. So why not give it a go and see what happens?

#14 Have a fight. Makeup sex can be the greatest thing ever. And while we are not suggesting you deliberately goad your man into a fight, if there is something that you bicker about, next time you have that argument try to turn it around in your head.

That moment when you are staring angrily at each other? Why not just get all that anger out in the bedroom? It’s a lot more fun, and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be annoyed with each other anymore once it is finished!

# 15 Make him laugh. Humor can actually be really sexy. It can break tension and lighten the mood. For added bonus points, tell a sexy joke – something cheeky and flirty to get you both going.

#16 Do a strip tease. Let’s face it – sometimes the classics really are the best. A good old-fashioned strip tease is a great way to seduce your man.

Make sure you pick the perfect outfit – sexy layers that are easy to remove, and that you are wearing something mind-blowingly sexy underneath your clothes. Don’t let him touch you until it’s over, and he’ll be simply begging you for more!

Now you can stop wondering how to seduce your boyfriend! As you can see, it doesn’t have to be daunting. With these tips, you are sure to leave your boyfriend seriously satisfied. So why not give them a try today?!

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