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21 May

How to Read the Signs Your Friend Wants to Be Your Unicorn Sex Buddy

You’ve talked about finding a third person for your relationship. These signs your friend wants to be your unicorn might be the answer you’re looking for.signs your friend wants to be your unicorn

Ah, yes, the unicorn. You and your partner may have talked about having a polyamorous relationship or a one-time threesome. If that’s something you both want, great. But this means you’ll need to find a third person. Now, maybe you made a profile on a dating site together, but do you see the signs your friend wants to be your unicorn?

It sure makes the search a lot easier, but is that something you want to bring into the relationship? Then again… you’re not entirely sure if that’s what your friend wants.

In other words, everything looks a little murky. You’re not sure how your friend feels or what they want, but you have a sense they’re looking to be your third.

The most compelling signs your friend wants to be your unicorn sexy buddy

Well, when it comes to threesomes, you should never assume how someone else feels. You should always be open and see what the other people involved want and need. So, if you feel your friend wants something more, look at the signs, then sit down and talk.

Is your friend a unicorn?

#1 They’ve low-key talked about having a threesome. Talking about a threesome with your friend doesn’t mean they want to be your unicorn. Maybe they’re just talking about an experience they had and wanted to share it with you. But when they talk to you about it, you get this feeling there’s more underneath the surface.

#2 They go into detail. When they bring up a threesome they’ve had, they go the extra step and share details of what happened. Most people will mention they had a threesome, but won’t really tell you every single detail of what went on unless you asked. But they want you to know what happened and how it was.

#3 They ask if you’ve ever wanted to have a threesome. Maybe they don’t know you and your partner want to have a threesome. But regardless, they’ve asked you a couple of times whether you and your partner want one or not. Usually, you don’t need to ask multiple times unless you want to know for yourself.

#4 You two have had a spicy past. You and your friend have done some experimenting together in the past. Maybe not necessarily a threesome, but being sexual together isn’t something new. If you have had a past, then there’s a chance your friend wants to take a trip down memory lane.

#5 They boast about themselves. They have no problem bringing up their love of eating another woman out or going down on a guy. When they mention their sexual experiences to you, they always seem to make themselves sound like they’re amazing at what they do. Makes you a little curious, no?

#6 They straight up ask you and your partner. This is honestly the easiest way to get to the point. If they’ve asked you and your partner if you want to have a threesome, then, it’s pretty clear what they want. They want to be your unicorn.  

#7 They mentioned it to your partner. Maybe this person is friends with both you and your partner. If that’s the case, they may ask your partner how you two feel about having a threesome. If they ask you and your partner, they’re interested.

#8 They’re very touchy. When you’re around your friend, you always notice they’re extremely touchy and flirtatious with you, especially when your partner is around. Maybe they’re trying to get a reaction from you and your partner for a little threesome fun.

#9 When drinking, things get a little frisky. When you two are drinking with your friend, you notice they become more sexual and daring. Maybe they’ll try to kiss you or do some sort of foreplay with you and your partner. The point is, the truth always comes out when you’re drunk. 

#10 They’ve expressed their arousal. Your friend has told you they think you’re sexy and that your partner is hot. They’ve even told you just the sight of you two arouses them. Well, if this is happening, then it looks like they’re interested in a sexual experience with you both.

#11 They made a move on the two of you. Listen, if at any time, your friend makes a physical move on you and your partner, stop, sit down, and talk. If they made a move, it’s clear they would like something to happen. But before anything can happen, talk with your partner. Make sure it is something you both want as individuals and for the relationship.

If you see the signs your friend wants to be your unicorn, then the best way to really get to the truth is to ask them. Why waste your time guessing?

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