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10 Nov

How to Make a Girl Feel Special & Bring a Huge Smile On Her Face

Being loving and thoughtful can bring a huge smile to a girl’s face. Learn how to make a girl feel special and watch that smile grow.

If you have a special lady in your life, you need to know how to make a girl feel special. Show her just how amazing you think she is! The problem is, every girl likes different things and reacts to situations and words in different ways. Yes, your mission just got a little harder!

However, learning how to make a girl feel special isn’t actually that difficult when you break it down to the most important things. For instance, showing her she’s special can be as simple as listening to what she has to say, or making her a coffee because she feels a bit stressed out. It’s all about the small things. Believe me, they really do make all the difference.

How to make a girl feel special

If you want to learn how to make a girl feel special and bring a smile to the face of the special lady in your life, read on!

#1 Be present in the moment. Having someone’s attention on you is a pretty special thing these days. Most people are far too engrossed in their phones or social media feeds to pay much attention to what is going on around them!

So, when you are totally present in the moment: talking, listening, sharing, and showing her that she’s important to you, it’s definitely going to make her feel pretty special indeed.

#2 Listen to her, and I mean really listen. Anyone can pretend they’re listening. They can hear words and assume they know what the overall meaning is, but really listening is so much more than that.

Watch her body language, listen to her words, her tone of voice, speed of speech, her facial expression, her hand gestures, these nonverbal cues really add up to the real picture. She might be telling you everything is fine, but if she seems upset, read between the lines and tell her that it’s okay, she can talk to you. That will definitely make her feel more than a little special.

#3 Give her heartfelt compliments. I’m not talking about telling her she looks cute or sexy, but compliments that really hit the spot. Talk about how you admire how much she cares about animals, about how you love how driven she is, about how great she is at her job. These are the things which really pull at the heart strings.

However, make sure you mean it. A girl can often spot a fake compliment a mile away! When learning how to make a girl feel special, this is definitely one of the best ways.

#4 Be tactile just because you want to be. Little hugs and kisses, brushing her hair out of her eyes and holding her hand are all ways to show her that she’s special to you. But always do them because you want to, not because you’re expecting any kind of intimacy in return!

#5 Send her surprise texts for the sake of it. Sending her a surprise text in the middle of the day is a great way to cheer her up and it’s one of the best ways in terms of how to make a girl feel special. It shows that she was on your mind and that will definitely make her smile. Find a cute gif or meme that you know she will appreciate and send it halfway through the day. She’ll love it!

#6 Focus on fulfilling her needs *but don’t forget your own*. Make sure that you fulfill her needs, e.g. the things she needs from you. That means time, attention, listening to her, showing her affection, etc. However that doesn’t mean you have to focus all your attention on her; you have to fulfill your own needs in the process, otherwise the relationship becomes very one-sided.

#7 Suggest fun experiences to share together. If you want to have experiences with her, that shows you care. Come up with fun things you can do together and make sure you weave in her interests.

For instance, if she loves horses, suggest you go on a horse riding trip together. If she loves the beach, surprise her with a day trip to the local resort. If she adores snow, book a weekend away somewhere cold and snowy. That’s definitely how to make a girl feel special!

#8 Be honest with her. Girls always appreciate honesty. Sometimes it’s possible that you don’t show her the full side of things. In that case, she’s going to become withdrawn, confused, and even anxious. Make her feel like she’s your one and only by opening up and being honest with her at all times. See, it’s the small things that matter.

#9 Show her off to your nearest and dearest. If you want to learn how to make a girl feel special, make sure that you show her off. Don’t hide her away from those closest to you. I’m not suggesting you take her to meet your parents after a few dates, but if you see a friend while you’re out and about together, introduce her and put your arm around her to show that you’re not worried about others seeing you as a romantic duo.

#10 Always be consistent. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to say one thing and do another. If you fall into that trap a lot, it’s going to drive your girl crazy. Instead, focus on consistency. She will know that she can not only trust you, but rely upon you too. That’s super sexy in my eyes and will definitely make her feel special.

#11 Accept her for the person she is and let her know. Never attempt to change your girl. She might be weird at times but embrace it. She might be overly quirky, but that’s what makes her the person she is.

Accept her fully. Let her know why you love her for her weird eccentricities and the cute features she has in her personality. That will make her feel special, accepted, and safe in your relationship.

#12 Show an interest in her day. Learning how to make a girl feel special can be as simple as focusing your attention on her and asking how her day was. It shows you care and you’re genuinely interested in what she’s been up to. Be sure to listen to her, even if she keeps talking about what her flatmate said or what her co-worker did!

#13 Open up and talk about how you feel. Okay, so this one isn’t easy for everyone, but if you want to know how to make a girl feel special, it really comes down to allowing yourself to be vulnerable around her and talking about what is bothering you and how you feel. This doesn’t mean you need to have major heart to heart every single day, but if she asks, just tell her.

#14 Small gifts, just because. If you see a cute keyring you know she’ll like, buy it for her and surprise her. Gifts don’t have to be huge and expensive to be special, just anything which shows you thought about her while linking in with what she likes and what reminds you of her. That will put a smile on her face, for sure.

As you can see, learning how to make a girl feel special isn’t actually that difficult. It simply means being there, listening, and showing her that you think she’s amazing.

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