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21 Mar

How to Know When to Kiss a Girl: 11 Big Signs you Just Can’t Miss

You’re in front of her door, saying goodbye. She looks at you with big eyes, and you gaze at her… but how to know when to kiss a girl?

So, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to know when to kiss a girl? I understand your nerves and stress about this. It’s not an easy thing to do!

When fresh into dating, it was a rough time for me. I was so awkward when it came to the moment where the guy wanted to kiss me, I wouldn’t know what to do. Sometimes I started laughing and nervously telling him I had to go. Other times I completely froze even though I wanted to kiss him. But now those years have long passed. Thank god, seriously. It was tragic.

How to know when to kiss a girl – The little signs she gives away

But, in all honesty, this comes with time. But, you’re probably thinking, I don’t have time, I’m picking her up for dinner in twenty minutes! Okay, okay, I hear you. Just breathe. You need to know what to do and you need to know fast. Well, this is why I’m here.

I’m going to let you know how to know when to kiss a girl. It’s not that hard, but you need to make sure you pay attention to the signs because they’re there. Usually, they’re really obvious. But if you’re nervous, it’s easy to overlook them. Just breathe, you’ll get the hang of it.

#1 If you ask her and she says yes. Now, there are some moments when she leans into you and heads straight for your lips. And if she kisses you first, then you know she wanted to. But asking her if you can kiss her is cute and, honestly, sexy. If you think it kills the mood, it won’t. If she’s into you, she’ll think it’s sweet and considerate.

#2 When she’s relaxed with you. I mean this in a specific way. If she hugs you and you pull back to kiss her and she’s tense and restraining herself, then she doesn’t want it. But if you pull back and she’s looking at you, her body relaxed, it’s a good sign. If you feel like you force her to kiss you, it’s because you are. In that case, stop.

#3 When she goes for it. Not all girls make the first move, but plenty of them will be the ones to lean in for the kiss first. Of course, it’s hot when the girl makes the first move and gives you relief since you know she’s interested for sure. Then, you have full range to continue kissing her unless she tells you to stop.

#4 The moment happens. You know the moment. You’ve seen it in movies. It’s that moment when everything goes quiet and you look into each other’s eyes, both of your eyes drifting down to each other’s lips. Perhaps her hand moves through your hair or yours touches her face—you know, that moment. It’s like you are pulled together like magnets.

#5 When she goes the 10%. Everyone knows the 90/10 rule. This is a pretty easy way to see if she wants to kiss you or not. If you move in 90% of the way to her face, pause for a moment. She has two options from here. She either moves the last 10% to you or she pulls away. Never go a full 100%, always leave the choice for her to decide.

#6 She moves close to you. Maybe you sit at a cafe and notice she moves closer to you, where your legs now touch each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to kiss you right now, but this shows that she’s into you. Next step, continue what you’re doing because it seems to be working well.

#7 She touches you. Nonverbal communication is a huge indicator of whether or not someone is sexually attracted to you. Is she touching you? Rubbing your arm or leg? Does she touch your hair or chest? These signs show that she’s into you. She’s moving into your personal space. Try to mimic her gestures and see how she responds.

#8 She lingers when it’s time to say bye. You walked her to her door and now you both stand there. Okay, if she’s not into you, she speeds up the process and makes sure she gets into the house quickly without having that awkward moment. But if she fidgets with her keys while staring at you with big eyes, why not try the 90/10 rule?

#9 When you drive her home, she stays in the car. Listen, if I can’t wait for the date to end, I’m getting out of that car quickly. Most women won’t linger in a guy’s car if they’re not interested in him. Then again, it’s always good to ask her if you can kiss her. If she lingers, she may wait for a kiss… or for you to unlock the door.

#10 Eye contact. She looks at you and keeps eye contact on lock. Maybe her eyes drift down to your mouth, but the point is, she’s looking at you. When disinterested in someone, we tend to not keep eye contact with them, specifically during more intimate moments. If you give her eye contact and she doesn’t return it, she may not be interested. 

#11 She gets impatient and asks you. If you delay this kiss for some time because you’re scared, she may eventually become so frustrated that she just blurts out if you’re ever going to kiss her. I can’t blame the girl, maybe she threw you obvious signs but you haven’t noticed. If it comes to that point, kiss her. She’s literally asking you to do it.

Now that you know how to know when to kiss a girl, it’s about time you gave it a try. Remember, everyone’s had this feeling of uncertainty, so relax, it just takes practice.

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