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30 May

How to Charm a Man and Win Over Him With Your Sassy Personality

Got your eye on a guy, and you’re not sure how to approach the situation? Learning how to charm a man isn’t that difficult. Check out these nine easy steps!

When it comes to knowing how to charm a man, especially one you have set your sights on, it can’t all come down to looks and natural pheromones! There has to be a certain amount of wooing done, a certain amount of flirting, and a little ‘look at me’.

Of course, we hope that the guy you’re crushing on is just going to fall under your magical spell. The chances of that happening without effort are slim. Let’s face it, men don’t tend to get silent cues, they’re more about direct questions!

How to charm a man nine steps

So, with that in mind, how can you be direct about your intentions? Let’s learn how to charm a man in nine surprisingly easy steps. 

#1 Show a little sass and attitude. There is a very fine line between showing the sass too much, and showing just enough. Basically, you need an edge, a little extra something which no one else has. You need to be able to catch his eye in the right way, without making him wonder why you have what can only be described as a chip on your shoulder.

How can you do it? Speak your mind, but be kind to others. Be comfortable in your own skin, and show your confidence. Whether you fake it or not!

Sass isn’t about ‘I’m amazing, everyone else should bow before my feet.’ It’s a quiet confidence that shows you really don’t care about the small things. You’re more concerned about enjoying your life and doing right by others.

#2 Be yourself, and nobody else. There is nothing more fake than someone who tries to be something they’re not. Even if you don’t know that person well, you can tell when they’re putting on an act. Why would you want to try and be someone else? Why emulate another person’s look or personality? You have your own! Yours is more than enough. Now own it.

Avoid listening too much to the so-called “rules,” instead follow your own tune. If you want to be silly, be silly. If you want to eat a burger when society says you should eat a salad, you eat that burger! Just be you. While it can be hard to be yourself if you’re lacking in confidence, it’s the number one step in knowing how to charm a man.

#3 Keep an eye on your body language. If you want to charm the socks off your crush, speak to him nonverbally as well as verbally. I mentioned earlier that guys aren’t wonderful at nonverbal cues, but most can certainly read body language.

So, avoid standing with your arms crossed over your body. Don’t sit with your legs crossed, and don’t put any barrier between you when you’re talking or interacting. In addition, make eye contact, smile, and if you’re brave enough *go on, do it*, give him cheeky and subtle touches every now and again, perhaps on the arm.

A jokey nudge is also quite magical. It shows that you’re comfortable joking around and are comfortable with him.

#4 Don’t gossip or backstab. There is nothing less attractive than someone who backstabs or gossips behind the backs of others. It’s not nice, alluring, or charming! How to charm a man? Avoid low level behavior. Treat everyone how you would want to be treated, and be kind, always.

There is a rather negative method many people use to bond, and that’s to gossip about someone they mutually don’t like. Avoid this at all costs, it just makes you look catty, and it’s not a way which works with guys when it comes to bonding.

#5 Make real conversation. There is nothing more charming than someone who is able to hold an intelligent and interesting conversation. It’s not charming to pretend to be ditzy when you’re really not, and while a little stumbling over your words can be cute, it’s not cute when it’s constant.

Don’t be afraid to talk about subjects you feel passionate about, but remember not to talk down to anyone. Simply have a flowing conversation.

#6 Don’t worry what anyone else thinks. I mentioned earlier about being yourself and not trying to copy anyone; well, this one goes further. Don’t be pigeonholed or peer pressured into being something you’re not, or doing something you don’t want to. You don’t have to care about what other people think of you, provided you’re comfortable in your own skin.

There is nothing more attractive and charming than someone who is totally comfortable with who they are, and don’t need validation from anyone else.

#7 Dress in a way which makes you comfortable. You might think that showing skin is the way to get a guy’s attention, but that’s really not the case. Yes, flashing the flesh will turn heads, but is it turning heads in the right way? Probably not.

Dress smartly, but in a way which makes you comfortable. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel great on the inside, which shows on the outside. This also shows that you don’t need to resort to minimal clothing to get someone’s attention, because your personality is more than able to do it for you.

There is a point we need to make here, some men will have their heads more than turned by someone who is trying too hard to show flesh for attention. These guys aren’t the ones you need in your life!

#8 Have your own beliefs that you’re passionate about. Everyone has a certain number of things in their lives that they feel passionate about. It can be a religious following, type of music, a political view, or an opinion on something. Whatever it is, own that belief. Don’t be afraid to show it.

Of course, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that doesn’t mean that they have to agree with you. But a conversation with someone who really believes in what they’re talking about is super-charming!

#9 Be okay with laughing at yourself. Is there anything more charming than someone who is totally fine with making a fool of themselves and laughing at it? Of course not! It shows you’re easygoing and not taking life too seriously. Therefore, you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

This doesn’t mean you have permission to turn your life into a comedy routine. If you trip up or say something silly, just laugh at it and make light of the situation. This is a big point when thinking about how to charm a man.

These simple steps to know how to charm a man aren’t difficult. They don’t involve you being anything other than who you are, but they’re very effective!

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