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29 Oct

How to Be on Top: 15 Sexy Moves to Master It and Rock his World

If you’re inexperienced at riding, it’s understandable that you want to perfect it first. Here’s your guide on how to be on top and ride him like a to be on top

If there’s something all men can agree upon, it’s that a woman on top is the woman you want to have. Why? Well, because it gives them the best view and they have to do the least amount of work, of course!

Not only that, but a woman on top is a powerful woman, and we all know just how desirable a powerful woman is. The point is, if you know how to hop on your man and ride him like no other, he will be sticking around for a LONG time to come.

The power of a confident woman

If you think about what a woman on top means, it basically proves just how powerful and confident you are. A woman who knows how to be on top and rock his world is one who knows what she’s doing and feels amazing about herself – something that’s VERY sought after.

Men love confident women because it’s just sexy. When you are able to hold yourself up high, love yourself, and show him that you’re the best he’ll ever have, he will believe it. Being on top will show him EXACTLY that.

How to be on top

Being on top can be very intimidating simply because it puts you in control. You are solely responsible for making him feel good, and that can be a little scary if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to ride him in a way that rocks his world.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, allow me to explain. Here is your complete guide for how to be on top and make the night one he’ll never forget. Just remember, each guy is different, so be sure to adjust what you do according to what they seem to like!

#1 Be confident. There’s not much that’s more of a turn-off than when a woman gets on top and has no confidence at all. If she’s nervous and doesn’t feel very good about her body, that vibe will rub off on the guy and he’ll feel awkward – and that is obviously no good.

#2 Start out slowly. Don’t just get on him and hammer down as hard and as fast as you can. Yes, you can do this, but later – after you’ve already gotten warmed up. By sliding down on him very slowly, you’ll really allow him to feel you and all the sensations that go along with you being on top. Let him take it all in first!

#3 Take control! If you want to know how to be on top, then take charge of him! Now is the time where you grab his hands, hold them down beside him and go to work!

You are in charge now, and you do whatever you want now that you’re on top. If you really want to drive the point home, tell him that it’s YOUR turn and he needs to just sit back and relax. This is sexy and such a relief for him!

#4 Don’t forget about your hands. Don’t just put your hands on either side of him when you can use them to make things SO much better. When you’re on top, he has so much to see of you – your boobs bouncing, him entering you, your facial expressions, etc.

Use this! Grab your breasts and squeeze them, play with your own clit, rub them all over your body. You can even use them to feel over his body – the sensation will be dynamite to him.

#5 Use the different angles. Possibly the best part about being on top is the fact that there are so many different angles you can use to please yourself AND him more. Arching your back pulls his member back in a way and actually makes it feel tighter for him.

However, if you keep your back straighter and sit back further on him, you’ll allow him to go deeper and give yourself a bit more pleasure. Find out which angles you both like, and switch it up to keep things spontaneous!

#6 Turn around. Getting on top doesn’t always mean you have to just face him the whole time. You can also turn around and give him the whole view of your backside – something he will always remember!

All you have to do is just switch so you’re facing away from him and do exactly what you were doing before. This view of your booty grinding up and down on him will be burned into his mind forever.

#7 Get up on your feet. Normally, when a girl is on top, she’s positioned straddling the guy with her knees down. But if you really want to drive him wild, you should pick up your knees and use your feet. This allows you to have a much larger range of motion that is MIND-BLOWING for both of you.

#8 Get those hips moving. Don’t just move up and down, you can move your hips around in a circular motion for a less intense, but still AMAZING, sensation for him. He’ll also relish in being able to see your hips move like that, and he’ll be begging for more.

#9 Pause and lean in for a romantic moment. Sometimes a woman on top can be far too much for a man and he may need a break so the sex will last a bit longer. That being said, just stop while he’s in you and lean forward to give him a long, passionate kiss.

#10 Make him take control. Now, being on top and riding your man isn’t all about you doing the work. Sometimes it’s really sexy for you to give up the control completely and allow him to do work on you. Just tell him that it’s his turn to do what he wants and watch him grab your hips and go to town!

#11 Focus on yourself. I know this may seem counterproductive because it’s all about riding your man and making him enjoy it. But believe me when I say that if you focus on getting yourself off, he’ll most likely follow right after.
There’s just something really sexy for them about watching a woman use them in order to get off. Knowing that he’s responsible for your bliss is a huge turn on, and he’ll love it.

#12 Change up speeds! Sticking to the same rhythm the entire time is not only boring, but it’ll also result in his early finish if you’re not careful. If you want to know how to be on top and do it in a way he’ll love, mix up the pace. Something that can really turn him on is to go really fast, and then take some time and slow it down.

#13 Have fun. Don’t forget that riding your man is supposed to be fun! If he sees that you’re having a great time riding him, he’s going to have just as much fun! Keep it light and entertaining and avoid being super serious about it.

#14 Ask him what he likes best. There are ways to ask this question in a really sexy way that’ll turn him on even more. When you’re doing something, just lean in and whisper in his ear, “Do you like this? Tell me what you want me to do,” and he definitely will!

#15 Do what you like, and he’ll be sure to love it. The last thing to remember when learning how to be on top and rock his world is to just do what you like! If you’re having a good time and are feeling really good, he will too!

He’s just as concerned about your pleasure as you are his, so showing him that you’re doing what you like will be sure to make him happy.

If you want to know how to be on top, these tips will save you from having to learn by trial and error. So hop on, and hold on tight!

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