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29 Jun

How to Ask a Girl to Prom: 10 Techniques to Make Sure She Says Yes

Prom is a rite of passage for school-aged kids everywhere. If you need to know how to get the perfect date, this is how to ask a girl to prom.

Prom is such an important night. It’s the one chance to dress up in their best clothes, dance the night away, and show everyone that they’re more than what they seem during the day in school. But getting a date might feel daunting. These techniques for how to ask a girl to prom will help you land the girl you dream of.

One of the biggest pains of prom, however, is finding a date. Not everyone even wants to go to prom and some girls are just really stubborn when it comes to giving out that much anticipated, “yes!”

The promposal is ALMOST everything

Many say if the promposal is bad, you’ll never have a chance of getting the girl to go with you to prom. While the promposal remains important in asking a girl to prom, it’s not EVERYTHING. There are other factors you’ll have to perfect first.

You still want to be sure you’re trying your best to come up with a promposal to impress her and get her excited to spend prom with you. Just find something that really speaks to you but also fits with her personality.

How to ask a girl to prom

We’ve established the importance of the promposal, but there are many other things to dictate whether or not you get an excited, “Yes!”

If you really want to know how to ask a girl to prom in a way that ensures they’ll say yes, and you’ll end up going to the prom with that one person that makes it special, these techniques are exactly what you need.

#1 Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else just because you want her to like you. You can’t put on this big show of being someone else and then go to prom with her as yourself. She’ll be annoyed and disappointed you lied.

The best way to feel comfortable around her is to just be yourself. Don’t try to hide who you are because she’ll want to say “yes” to the REAL you. Not someone you’re just pretending to be. Plus, it’s much less effort to be yourself.

#2 Find a great promposal. There are TONS of different ways to prompose to a girl. Find one that is unique, creative, and fits her personality perfectly in order to get that “yes” from her.

If she’s into sports, come up with an idea that relates to her specific sport. If she loves pizza, find a cute play on words to ask her on the pizza box. Just make sure it’s not something completely copied from the internet. Draw inspiration from certain ideas, but make them your own.

#3 Be confident. This can be very hard to do if you’re nervous to ask a girl to prom, but it’s also important. Confidence is very, very attractive. If a guy is really confident and shows that to a girl, it automatically makes her feel more comfortable.

Work on becoming really confident with who you are. If you just aren’t the confident type, then you can definitely fake confidence until you can be confident on your own. Having confidence will be worth it.

#4 Establish a friendship first. Girls don’t really want to go to the prom with someone they don’t really know at all. Although it’s happened before, it doesn’t happen often.

Girls want to know and trust the person they go to prom with. After all, it is a very important night for them. They want to make sure they’re in good hands. That’s why you should work to establish a good friendship with her before you ever ask.

#5 Get to know her likes/dislikes. Do a little digging–not stalking–in order to find out what kinds of foods she likes, sports she likes, or even any hobbies that she might have.

By discovering these types of things, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with a promposal idea that fits who she is. We already know doing this helps you get that coveted, “yes!”

#6 Have her friends put in a good word. When it comes to knowing how to ask a girl to prom, you need to remember that a girl’s friends are a very powerful tool when you want to influence her in any way. If you get to know some of her friends and have them put in a good word for you, she’ll be more likely to say yes.

To do this, just become friends with them while you’re becoming friends with her. If they like you, she’ll like you. And if she likes you, she’ll definitely want to go to prom with you.

#7 Show her that you’re fun. Prom is a night to go crazy and have fun. Every girl wants to go to prom with a guy that knows how to have a good time because that means she’ll have fun too.

This isn’t really hard to do at all. If she’s around, make funny jokes, talk about how much fun you had over the weekend, and just be goofy. Once she sees that you’re a fun person, asking her to prom will be much easier.

#8 Compliment her. Girls are suckers for compliments. They don’t even have to be elaborate compliments about her eyes shining like the stillness of a lake under the full mood in the dead of summer.

They can be really simple! Compliment her personality and interests more than just her looks. This gives her the idea that you’re really interested in who she is rather that JUST what she looks like, and she’ll want to go to prom with a guy like that.

#9 Drop hints. Talk about going to prom a lot! Talk about how excited you are. Talk about how you’re waiting to ask this one girl. If she knows that you’re looking to ask someone and getting excited for the prom, it will make her imagine you at the prom with her.

Just make sure not to be too forward about it. They’re called “hints” for a reason. Another tip, don’t talk about the girl you’re asking like it’s someone else. She might get the idea you won’t ask her, and she’ll try to get another guy to ask her.

#10 Don’t wait too long. Prom is usually set up way a head of time. Don’t wait until two weeks before the dance in order to ask her. She’ll most likely be annoyed that you’ve waited so long or she’ll feel like your last option.

She might even already have a date if you wait way too long. If you know you want to take her to prom, start working toward the tips above way ahead of time so you can ask her at least a month in advance. It gives you both plenty of time to find a matching dress/tux. It’ll be less likely that she’ll already have a date.

Prom is such a big deal but the person you take with you can be even more important. If you want to ask that special girl but aren’t sure how to ask a girl to prom, these techniques will get you a “yes!” from her!

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