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24 Mar

Greaser Girl: 16 Reasons Why Being Bad Can Feel So Darn Good

A greaser girl is someone who isn’t repressed by high society. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks does have its advantages… it’s more fun!

Back in the day, The Outsiders was required reading in most public schools. Then the hit movie came out in the 80s, which casted every heartthrob guy you can imagine from Tom Cruise to Rob Lowe. Okay, I’m totally dating myself if you don’t know who any of those guys are!

The Outsiders was a movie about a mixed town where there was a “good” side and a “bad” one. Much like West Side Story, the guys from the less than stellar side were called “greasers.” Not the first time the name was used, the same themes have appeared in many cult movies throughout the years like Grease.

Why did they call them greasers? Because they always had slicked back hair. The cultured, old money guys, had short haircuts and sweater vests, while the greasers had a t-shirt, typically dirty, long hair that was greased back with engine oil, and cigarettes rolled up in their sleeves.

16 reasons a greaser girl has more fun!

Not just applied to guys, there was a clash between both the girls and the boys in town. Although slightly different, a greaser girl was the more “risqué” of the bunch. She wore the shorter skirts, the lower-necked shirts, and the tighter pants. The greaser girl was the epitome of sexual desire and gave the stuffy sorority chick a run for her money.

There are many variations of either greaser girl turning high society or high society going greasy, but I, for one, always liked the greaser girl much better.

If you are wondering if you should walk on the cultured side or slum it on the dark side, these are 16 reasons to be a greaser girl.

#1 The clothes are hotter. Let’s face it – it is much more fun to wear greaser girl clothes. From the leather jacket to the hot pants and stiletto heels, being sexual is what being a greaser girl is all about.

Red hot lipstick to top it all off, with a tight boob shirt, and you are all good to go. Forget about the Gucci handbag with the matching scarf. You carry your stuff in your back pocket and like it that way.

#2 You can have more fun. No one is expecting you to plan the sorority party or to be the head cheerleader. That gives you more freedom to develop your own interests and spend your time the way that you want to spend it.

Not having a ton of expectations put on you is a really liberating feeling. You only get one shot at this life, so why not enjoy it to the fullest by being a greaser girl!

#3 Anything goes. You can do what you want, and you don’t care who knows or sees you. No one is your boss. So, if you want to wear three-inch heels, have at it. No one tells a greaser girl what she can or cannot do.

#4 You don’t always have a reputation to uphold. Unlike the old-money school girls, you don’t have any name to live up to. You don’t have to worry about tarnishing the family name or doing something that doesn’t seem appropriate. You are your own person, so whatever reputation proceeds you, who cares? You are in charge. 

#5 You aren’t trying to please anyone but yourself. You aren’t attached to some ideal world where everything is flowers, roses, and college-bound. That means that you get to make your own decisions about where you want to go to school… or not go at all.

You want to be an electrician? Have at it! Mechanic, no problem. The only person’s approval that you have to worry about is your own.

#6 There’s no need for a chastity belt. A greaser girl is a little more liberal with their sexual exploration. You don’t believe in the double standard. If you want to be promiscuous and he doesn’t call afterward, screw him. But, let’s be honest, the guy always calls the greaser girl when he says he will.

#7 You can just hang. Greaser girls are just more “chill” by nature. There isn’t any hidden agenda; they aren’t running for any office, and they certainly don’t care if other girls like them. They come from a home of hard knocks and can just hang out without a care in the world.

#8 It isn’t just about the hair. Although greasers have a signature hairstyle, it isn’t just about the hair. Being a greaser girl is an entire package. You don’t take shit from anyone or take any prisoners. You do your own thing, and you don’t care who knows it. Moxie to the highest degree, not one messes with the greaser girl!

#9 You just look sassier and have a “don’t screw with me” aura. Greaser girls are defined by their “cool” exterior. You can’t be hurt by some girl who wants to be the queen bee, or some guy who said he would call but he didn’t. There is reprisal for screwing with the greaser girl, and everyone knows it. So, you just get to sit back and be you.

#10 There aren’t any late-night study sessions. Greaser girls don’t have their sights set on Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. So, up-all-night studying and cramming for a test isn’t your style. You get to spend your nights partying and having a good time.

#11 You can be the genuine you. There is no fakeness to a greaser girl. What you see is what you get. Not trying to be someone she isn’t, she is totally okay with who she is – even if you aren’t.

#12 Guys from both sides of the fence find you hot. It isn’t just greaser guys who think you are hot and sexy – the cultured guys want to get with you too.

Every uptight guy wishes that he could be loving the girl who doesn’t give a shit about anything, won’t take no for an answer, and cares about more than what he has in his bank account.

#13 The style is back in. If you are going to be a greaser girl, now is your chance. The jean jacket and pixie hot pants are totally back in style… not that you care!

#14 It is more playful than siting with your legs crossed all the time. Who wants to be good all the time? No one. If you have the chance to go through life having fun, then you have to take it.

Sitting back, looking pretty, and doing what everyone expects you to do, isn’t the way to go. Kicking ass and taking names is the way to move through life.

#15 You don’t get all hung up with money and “things.” Greaser girls aren’t tied to their Daddy’s money or their country club. If you want to hit the road for a road trip, or backpack your way through Europe, there ain’t no one who is going to tell you that you can’t. Materialism is not your friend, and your friends aren’t materialistic.

#16 No clubs for you, just a bar stool and a local hangout will do. All you need is a cold beer and a bar stool for a good time. Sure, a pool table and dart board are nice, but those are just extra. You can have a good time in any surroundings because it isn’t about anything besides you, your friends, and spontaneity.

Greaser girls may have been given a bad name in the old day for being from the wrong side of the tracks. But, when you really consider the liberation that they have, the fun way that they live life, and the way that they aren’t attached to materialism, you gotta admire them.

If you have the choice between being a high society or greaser girl, you really should give greaser a try. Because, hey, why not? As you can tell, they have more fun.

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