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20 Jul

Friendly or Flirty? How to Read the Signs of a Flirty Girlfriend

Your girlfriend gets along well with everyone. But how can you tell if it’s flirtation or friendliness? Learn the signs of a flirty girlfriend!

You liked her at the start because she was fun, she made you smile, she got on well with everyone, and life was simply sunny around her. However, now you’re officially an item, this sunny and somewhat flirtatious persona makes you a little uneasy around other people because you’re experiencing the signs of a flirty girlfriend.

Does that sound familiar?

Some people are just naturally flirtatious and have no clue that they’re flirting. To them, they’re just being friendly and themselves. There’s no harm in it, in their eyes. But what if it makes you feel uncomfortable because the other person she’s talking to is looking at her behavior and mistaking it for flirtation?

It’s a difficult one.

How to recognize the signs of a flirty girlfriend

We’re all a little unintentionally flirty from time to time. But if your girlfriend seems to be flirting up a storm with anyone she meets, it could definitely become a problem.

To check that you’re not overreacting, it’s worthwhile doing research into the mains signs of a flirty girlfriend. That way, you can be sure that what you think you’re seeing, is actually reality.

#1 She’s very tactile around others. Is she always touching people on the arm, nudging them playfully, or generally touching them every so often? Some people do this without even realizing, but it could be one of the major signs of a flirty girlfriend in your midst!

#2 She makes comments that could be taken either way. By this, she comments on things which the other person could take to be friendly and joking, or that she’s flirting with them. You pick up on it and assume she’s flirting because it’s obvious to you.

How does that make you feel? Probably a little uncomfortable and maybe a tad bit jealous. You’d be right to feel that way if she is intentionally flirting. In that case, a conversation probably needs to be had.

#3 She’s deliberately giggly around other people. The fact that your girlfriend is laughing and smiling isn’t a bad thing, it means she’s happy and that’s great! However, if her laugh turns to girlish giggling and she’s always smiling around other people, while displaying some of the other signs of a flirty girlfriend, it’s probably going to make you feel a little uneasy.

#4 She plays with her hair a lot. One of the main signs of flirting is playing with your hair. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s very common! Most girls start to do this when they’re around someone they like or when they’re generally flirting. It’s normally an unconscious thing too.

#5 She bites her lip a lot. Again, this is another clear sign of flirting. If your girlfriend is always biting her lip while around others, she’s either got a biting habit or she is flirting. We do this naturally when we’re flirting because we’re drawing attention to our lips. A part of the body which is considered quite sensual and even sexual in some cases.

#6 She regularly teases people with a hint of something more. There’s teasing in a joking, friendly way and there’s teasing in a flirtatious way. If you’re noticing that there are undertones of slightly more when your girlfriend is talking to other people and teasing them, that could be one of the signs of a flirty girlfriend to be on the lookout for.

#7 Her body language mirrors the other person. Check out your girlfriend’s body language when she’s talking to other people, particularly those she could arguably be attracted to. Does she mirror their body language? For instance, if they’re standing and leaning slightly to one side, is she doing the same? This is a flirting sign that we do unconsciously.

#8 She holds eye contact. One of the main signs of a flirty girlfriend is that she will hold eye contact with the person she’s speaking to. If she accompanies this with a coy smile, that’s pretty solid evidence of flirting.

#9 She often tilts her head towards the other person. Just like mirroring body language, when we’re flirting, we tend to tilt our head slightly towards the other person. It’s almost like you’re trying to let them know subliminally that you’re listening to them and only them. Does your girlfriend do this a lot? She’s either very attentive or she’s flirting.

#10 She often laughs at jokes that aren’t funny. When you want to impress someone, you laugh at their jokes even when they’re far from funny. If you notice that your girlfriend does this and seems quite over the top about it, it’s a clear flirting sign.

What should you do if your girlfriend is overly flirty?

First things first, don’t panic if you’ve noticed a few of these signs in your girlfriend. She could simply be genuinely friendly and not realizing what she’s doing. We all do it occasionally, even you! However, if you’re pretty sure that she displays many of these signs on a regular basis, you have a flirty girlfriend on your hands.

Now, you might not mind that. Perhaps you find it cute. In that case, carry on as you were and don’t worry about it. However, if you find that it’s making you feel uncomfortable, worried, or even jealous, take a little gentle action.

Remember, some people are naturally flirtatious, and you don’t want to take that element of her personality away completely because it will dull down her shine. In addition, you shouldn’t ask her to change, but explain that when she’s flirting *even if she doesn’t realize she’s doing it*, it makes you feel uncomfortable because you’re standing there as her partner, and she’s openly flirting with someone else.

If she cares about you, and let’s hope that she does, she will take your words to heart. And be a bit more mindful of how her behavior may be taken by other people.

What if she doesn’t? That’s the million dollar question. If you calmly explain your situation to her and she fires back at you and accuses you of being jealous, you have a problem. Yes, it’s true that you can’t ask her to change who she is, but she should take it on board and understand how you feel. If she refuses to do this and it still makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to question the future of your relationship.

It’s true that flirting is harmless in most cases. It gives other people a feel-good boost and lightens the mood. However, it can also cause frustration and even jealousy to rise up and damage a relationship too.

Would she like it if you were acting in the same way? That’s the question you should ask yourself. If she wouldn’t, then you know that there’s a problem to be addressed. If she refuses to see the problem, then put that to her. Ask her if she would mind you acting in the same way. That should quickly sort things out!

If you notice a few signs of a flirty girlfriend, it’s nothing to be too concerned about. But think about how it makes you feel. If you feel concerned, sit down with her and have a calm, non-accusatory conversation about it. 

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