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24 Apr

30 Sexy Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Leave Him Craving for You

Are you looking for different ways to make your boyfriend crave you? Well, sometimes, you need these naughty, sexy things to text your boyfriend.

When it comes to relationships, they take a lot of work. You both need to put the effort into keeping the flame burning. And sometimes, it’s not always as easy as you think. But it’s amazing how the right kind of sexy things to text your boyfriend can keep your engines going.

One good way for keeping the spark in your relationship is through sexual intimacy. This doesn’t mean you show up at his door in lingerie *of course, that isn’t a bad idea if you want to surprise him*. But you can also keep things spicy by sending him texts that’ll make him crazy for you. If you’re wondering what “sexting” is, that’s basically what it is.

Now, I was not a good sexter when I started out. I just didn’t know what to say and always felt awkward when I did say something, but with time, you’ll become more relaxed and the words will just start flowing out of you.

Sexy things to text your boyfriend that’ll make you irresistible

Sexting is a great way to tease and flirt with your boyfriend. They’re naughty, sexy, and the best part is, he has to wait until he sees you, thus, it builds up sexual tension. Though men are visual, they also have very active imaginations, and sexting helps get his imagination working.

Once you master your sexting skills, he’ll get a hard on just seeing your name pop up on his phone. And that’s always the reaction you want to have when you’re sending him a naughty text. So, if you want to turn him on with words, it won’t take much, you just need to know what to say. That’s why I’m here to help you. Here are the 30 sexy things to text your boyfriend.

#1 I have a no pants rule in my house. Rules are rules. You follow them, and so should he.

#2 I want you inside of me so badly right now. That’s because he rocked your world the last time he was inside of you. And you want seconds.

#3 Have you jerked off lately? If not, I can come over and help. Jerking off can get boring after a while. Why not spice things up by helping him out.

#4 I love how your ass looks in those briefs/boxers. He has an ass that you can’t get enough of, and I can’t blame you.

#5 I’m not wearing any panties right now. Whether you are or are not wearing panties, let his imagination do the work.

#6 I can’t stop thinking about your _____. Whatever it is you’re obsessed about, whether it’s his dick, arms, or abs, let him know.

#7 I get wet every time I think about you. He just has the magical dick. You simply hit the jackpot with your man.

#8 I bought new panties, want to see? Of course, he’ll want to see, but you’re going to make him wait.

#9 I want you. Now. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. You want him, end of discussion.

#10 I didn’t know I could orgasm like I did last night. He literally blew your mind last night. Let him know. It’ll give him an ego boost, and he’ll want to make sure he keeps you satisfied.

#11 When I think about last night, I get shivers. And that’s because he knows what he’s doing.

#12 I’m addicted to your dick. Yes, you are. You can’t get enough of it. Day or night, that dick is on your mind.

#13 So, I bought a new sex toy today. Want to help me see how it works? You just bought yourself a dildo, good for you! Why not try it out with your boyfriend. I’m sure he’ll love using it on you.

#14 I would love to see you right now… naked, that is. He has a smoking body and you can’t get enough of it. Don’t be shy, let him know.

#15 You better fuck me so hard I can’t walk straight. If that happens, he’s a keeper.

#16 Oh tonight I have a naughty surprise for you. Is it lingerie? Is it whipped cream? What is it?!

#17 You better make me scream your name tonight. The good orgasm scream, not the “ouch, please get off of me” scream.

#18 If I was next to you in bed right now, what would you do? The minute he sees the word bed, he’ll start picturing all the things he’d want to do to you in that very moment.

#19 You just bring out the naughty in me. Yes, he does! Can I get an amen up in here?

#20 I hope you like lace. Don’t go into too much detail. Give him a small hint of what it is and let his imagination do the rest.

#21 I read about this sex position, do you want to try it out? If you want to try out a new sex position, why don’t you suggest it?

#22 What’s your wildest fantasy? Oh, he has one. And if he says he doesn’t, he’s lying.

#23 I’m so horny thinking about you. Well, it’s not your fault. He’s the one that is amazing in bed and knows exactly what to do.

#24 When you pin me up against the wall, I get so wet. We ladies love a man who takes control. If he pins you up against the wall, that’s a panty dropper.

#25 I feel like there’s something missing between my legs. Well, it’s not your fault you’ve grown accustomed to his dick!

#26 Ever had sex in public? Maybe he has, maybe he hasn’t. Either way, he’ll want to try it with you.

#27 I was thinking about you when I was in the shower. The minute you mention the word shower, every guy goes through his fantasy check-list.

#28  My bed feels so empty without you in it. This is a sweet and sexy text, reminding him where he belongs.

#29 What is the dirtiest thought you had of me? Oh trust me, he’s had a couple, and I’m sure he’s going to tell and show you.

#30 If you could do anything to me, what would you do? Well, this will get his imagination going.

Now that you know all the sexy things to text your boyfriend, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start texting your boyfriend!

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