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14 Sep

27 Fun, Grownup Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

Turning 18 is exciting, but it also comes with responsibilities. Here are both the fun and the grownup things you can do once you blow out your candles.

At looong last! You’re 18!

You’ve just hit another milestone… but it’s not just any other milestone. It’s THE milestone you’ve been waiting for all your young life. Turning 18 is that long-awaited time when you become legal and can do all the things you once hoped or dreamed to do as you watched the grownups around you.

It’s like a door has been opened to a whole new world of fun, except this time, it’s a grownup, used-to-be-taboo kind of fun, which makes it that much more exhilarating.

Grownup things to do when you turn 18

What you may not realize is that being 18 also comes with its share of responsibilities. So before you hit the ground running with all the fun you think you’re going to have now that you’re 18, acquaint yourself first with these grownup things you can expect and prepare for.

#1 Ditch your curfew and drive all night. That road trip you’ve always wanted to do with your friends? You can do that now. With your adult driver’s license, you can drive all night and not worry about getting in trouble.

#2 Get a tattoo or a piercing. Your parents don’t want you to get a tattoo? No problem. Being 18 means you are responsible for your own decisions, and that includes what you want to do to your body.

So be sure you think really hard about that tattoo or piercing you’ve been dying to have.

#3 Donate blood. You can finally be a responsible adult who helps the community. Well, sort of. At 18, you are now old enough to donate blood, which is awesome because each time you go in to donate, you can save three lives.

#4 Get into extreme sports. Being 18 opens the door to tons of adventures, including skydiving and bungee jumping.

If you think riding Six Flags’ Kingda Ka is exciting, wait until you jump out of a plane to skydive. Who knows, you might even find that this is something you really enjoy doing.

#5 Buy fireworks. Say goodbye to having to ask your folks or bribe older kids to buy you fireworks, because you can do that yourself now. Confidently strut straight into the fireworks store and buy all the pyrotechnics you want.

#6 Buy spray paint. Whether you aspire to be a graffiti artist or *more likely* just need some spray paint for a school project or at-home craft, you can now legally buy the stuff in stores without having to have a parent with you.

#7 Buy cigarettes or tobacco. While buying cigarettes and other tobacco products used to be illegal for you, now that you’re 18, you have that option open. Just keep in mind that smoking them is a health hazard at any age.

#8 Sue someone. Another upside to being 18 is that you can now file a lawsuit against another person. Prior to 18, you could only sue with the help of another person who is of legal age. Now, you can go to court, sign all the documents necessary, and even hire your own lawyer. The downside is that you can get sued, too.

#9 Go to adult jail. Okay, another serious thing about being 18 is that you really do have to be responsible for your own actions and decisions. If you get into any legal trouble, you’ll be tried as an adult and receive the full arm of the law.

#10 Be on a jury. Another legal responsibility you can now expect to take on is that you can be called for jury duty. With a little enthusiasm, you may even find this experience exciting and enlightening.

#11 Enlist or be drafted. Being 18 also means you can now join the armed forces or be drafted. Whether it’s the Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy, you can now serve your country.

#12 Be a stripper or go to a strip club. Now that you’re of legal age and are your own boss when it comes to making your own decisions, you can make money in any way you want *as long as it’s legal*. However, if stripping isn’t your cup of tea, you can just sit back and be a spectator because now you can go to a strip club. Woohoo!

#13 Try your luck at the lottery. Being 18 opens you up to many opportunities to make money. That includes trying your luck at the lottery. While you can’t hit the casino tables or slot machines just yet, you can at least try your luck with the lottery. Cross your fingers!

#14 Work more hours. You now have many activities and opportunities to spend your free time on, including spending more time at work. This means you can work for more than the given hours without any legal restrictions.

#15 Break the bank. Well, at least open a bank account first. Now that you’re an adult, you can open a bank account under your own name and put all your hard-earned overtime money in it. That is, if you haven’t used it all up on tattoos, piercings, travel, the lottery, or the strip club.

#16 Write a check. Perhaps there aren’t really a lot of things that can make you feel more like a grownup than carrying a checkbook around and writing a check for payment. Enough said.

#17 Get a credit card. You can now also get your own credit card, which is either a perk or a problem, depending on your spending and paying habits. However, this is a great time to start a good credit history, so learn to handle this wisely.

#18 Buy a car. You might already have a car, but now that you’re 18, you can buy one that’s completely your own.

#19 Find your independence. You can also feel more independent now that you’re 18 because you can now *finally* get a place of your own.

#20 Adopt a child. Feeling so responsible and grownup that you want to take care of another human being? You can do that now because you are legally allowed to adopt a child.

#21 Pawn something. If you’re running out of cash with all the grownup fun you’ve been having, well, there’s some good news—you can now pawn something to get you by.

#22 Change your name. If you’ve grown up hating your name or being teased about it, that can end now that you’re 18. You can change your awful name to something cooler.

#23 Vote. Another very important right you now have is the ability to vote. You’re now deemed old enough to make good decisions, so you can voice your opinions on who you want elected for office.

#24 Get married. You can now tie the knot because you’ve reached legal age. That is, if you’ve already found the one you’re sure you want to marry at 18.

#25 Buy porn. Aside from the perk of now being able to watch adult-rated movies, you can now also buy porn or subscribe to a porn site. You can also simply walk into an adult shop and just buy all the sex toys and other material you want, no questions asked.

So there you go, the perks and responsibilities of being 18 years old. Reaching your 18th birthday opens the doors to adulthood, and as you step inside this new life stage, you have to weigh in on every decision you can now make. So be sure to be very thoughtful and responsible when it comes to your decisions and the liberties you are now entrusted with.

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