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15 Sep

25 Most Romantic Websites to Use for Your Digital Love

Being in a long distance relationship can be difficult, but there are more than enough ways to keep the love flowing using these websites.

Those who choose to be in a long distance relationship do so with caution, but they hardly ever consider what to do when they’re finally thousands of miles away from their significant others. Skyping and calling is all well and good, but sometimes, couples want to do more than just talk. They want to learn new things about each other. They want to share experiences. They want to show love.

Useful websites for couples in long distance relationships

Luckily for LDR couples, we have compiled a list of sites that will help them ease the pangs of not being together in person.

These sites offer services like simultaneous streaming, gift-sending, and real-time activities. Even if you’re thousands of miles away from your loved one, these sites will help bridge that enormous gap through interactive connections and activities.

#1 Watch2Gether. No need to splurge on a plane ticket just to watch a movie with your partner. Watch2Gether allows you and your partner to create a room where you can share links to videos that you want to watch simultaneously.

#2 This site lets you and your partner listen to music together. You can make playlists for each other, and even share this with your friends. All you have to do is register and create a playlist using Youtube videos or Soundcloud. This is absolutely perfect for music lovers who just want to chill and listen to their favorite songs with their partner.

#3 Karaoke Party. This is a free-to-use karaoke website, where you and your partner can record songs to send to each other. Karaoke Party has a “Battle” feature that allows you to compete with your partner to see who can get the best scores. Some of the features require an added payment, but the singing and “Battle” options are free.

#4 Ohm Studio. As romantic as duets go, making sweet music together is even better. Ohm Studio is a real-time collaborative digital audio workstation that’s perfect for composers and producers. Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you’ll still be entertained by the interactive and musical features.

#5 Typewrite. For the couple who writes, this is just the site for you. Typewrite allows you to engage in collaborative writing on their platform. You and your partner can write a new story together or the epic romance that you are already living in. You can also sync the document on your Dropbox, so you can edit your stories while on the go.

#6 ReadUp. Aside from writing together, you and your partner can also opt to read a book together. ReadUp is a social reading site that allows you to create a ReadUp Event, where you and your partner can simultaneously read a book of your choice. It’s also an interactive experience that allows you to share your comments on the paragraphs.

#7 Same Surf. This website allows you and your partner to browse sites simultaneously. We spend enough time browsing random and practically useless sites on the internet, so why not involve your partner in this very fun, but time-wasting endeavor. You can read the news, research trips, and even read funny blogs together.

#8 Verbling. Learn a new language together using Verbling. If your partner lives in a foreign country, you can show your support by learning the local language together with your partner. You will be taking classes with other people, but at least you and your partner are still learning together. There’s a free trial, but you can continue your classes for a monthly fee of $19 USD/month. That’s basically a steal for a foreign language course!

#9 iScribble. Whether you and your partner are artists or not, this site is perfect for tapping into your creative sides. iScribble is a site that lets people from all over the world work on a drawing together. If you and your partner want to work on a drawing privately, you’ll have to register and create a private board.

#10 Web Cooking Classes. You can sign up for a small class with your partner, so you can learn to cook any food you want. They have different courses that you can sign up for, and they also provide e-books to accompany your lessons. This is a great way for you and your partner to learn something new that you can do for each other once you’re together.

#11 Pow How. You see lots of couples going to the gym together, but did you know that you can experience working out with your partner even when they’re not there? Pow How allows users to sign up for one-on-one classes, but you can also sign up for a class with your partner. This way, you can still share the experience without having to go to the gym together.

#12 Night Walk With Google. If you ever feel like taking a moonlit walk with your partner, you can still do so, even if they’re in a different time zone. Night Walk lets you explore a city during nighttime, complete with sounds and an audio-guided tour. Just go to the site, and pick a city that you and your partner would like to explore.

#13 Earth Cam. Earth Cam is a site that allows you to choose a specific part of the world that you and your partner would want to watch together. It’s like people-watching within the comfort of your own home. The best part is that you and your partner can comment on what you see, without anyone knowing or hearing. The site even offers camera views of beautiful sceneries and locations.

#14 Marine Traffic. The site is ideal for people who have partners working on a ship. They can track the location of the ship in real-time anywhere in the world. With this site, you can monitor where your partner’s ship is, especially when it’s difficult to get in touch with them.

#15 Plane Finder. If your partner travels a lot for work – which turned your relationship into an LDR – you can rest knowing that their flights have arrived safely anywhere in the world. Plane Finder lets you know where a certain flight is. You can check the status of your partner’s flight with the company, but this site allows you to see which area they are in at the moment.

#16 Concert Window. It would be nice to go to a concert with your partner once you see each other, but you can also do that without having to get out of bed. Concert Window is a live online music venue that lets you enjoy concerts from the comfort of your own home. You can watch a few minutes of the concert for free, but it’s better to make a whole online date out of it by buying a couple of tickets for you and your partner.

#17 iPet Companion. Being in a long distance relationship defeats the purpose of getting a pet together. While you and your partner are still living apart, you can still experience the joys of playing with a pet without having to be there. iPet Companion is a service that lets you play with pets at an animal shelter. Pick a location and a pet, so you and your partner can take turns playing with it.

#18 Eternal Sunset. One of the most romantic things a couple can experience is watching the sunset together. Being in an LDR makes that impossible, especially if you’re in different time zones. It’s a good thing someone invented Eternal Sunset, so you and your partner can watch a sunset no matter where you are or what time it is.

#19 Night Skies Network. If you’re sick of sunsets, try Night Skies Network instead. Stargazing is just as romantic, but it requires a suitable location or a high-powered telescope. With this site, you and your partner can watch different feeds of the night sky from all over the world.

#20 Motilo. Contrary to the popular belief that only women enjoy shopping, some couples actually find joy in shopping together. Motilo lets you and your partner shop for their products online together in real time. The best part is that the site has a built-in Skype-style video option, so you can communicate with your partner while browsing.

#21 Fun with Charades. There are a lot of online games that couples can play together, but Fun with Charades offers you a way to virtually interact with your partner through videos. Aside from that, everyone loves a classic game like Charades. You won’t get bored anytime soon with this one.

#22 Flora2000. It’s hard to find a flower merchant that caters to international consumers, but Flora2000 gets the job done. They have thousands of partners worldwide that deliver flowers and accompanying gifts within a day or two. You won’t have to worry about getting your partner’s favorite flowers wrong because they have a wide range of selections as well.

#23 If you want to send something other than flowers, this site has a wider selection of romance-themed gifts. We recommend the wine and champagne selection because, well, who else can send wine or champagne from halfway around the world, right?

#24 Etsy. If you want a personalized gift instead, try Etsy. There are thousands of sellers worldwide who create personalized and handcrafted goods. The choices might be limited in some places, but you can still opt to buy something from a different location and have it shipped for a higher price.

#25 LDR Magazine. When you’ve exhausted all your resources, there’s still one site that you can go to that gives you exactly the information you need. LDR Magazine is specifically tailored to help and guide LDR couples on how to maintain a relationship, while still being able to function as an average couple in love.

We all know how hard it can be to maintain relationships, especially a long distance relationship, so it’s a good thing that there are sites like these that you and your partner can turn to when you need it to stay connected.

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