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5 Nov

16 Signs of a Feminine Man Who’s In Touch with His Softer Side

While being in touch with your feelings is great, looking for signs of a feminine man is a must if you prefer someone who’s a little more masculine.

If you are someone who likes the idea of a man who’s very in touch with his feminine side, here are the most obvious signs of a feminine man to be on the lookout for.

16 signs of a feminine man

A man can be anything he wants to be and still be attractive to other people. The beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. For some, a particularly feminine man is found extremely alluring. Of course, a feminine man isn’t attractive to another group of people, perhaps those who prefer the typical traits of a masculine male.

We all find different things attractive, and that’s a good thing. Otherwise, we’d all fancy the same people and the world would be an even bigger war zone than it is now.

#1 He uses a lot of skincare products and possibly cosmetics. While there’s no problem in looking after yourself, if a man uses a lot of skin and hair care products, and even dabbles in a little makeup now and again, it’s likely that he’s quite feminine on the inside. That’s no problem for a lot of people, apart from the fact he might use your makeup…

#2 He likes to sit back and allow the other person to take control. If you’re someone who likes a masculine man, i.e. someone who takes control and leads the way, you may find this sign a little off putting. A traditionally feminine man has no issue with someone else taking control and steering direction. It’s not that he’s particularly submissive, he simply doesn’t feel the need to dominate either.

#3 He has no problem showing his emotions outwardly. Most men have a problem with crying in front of people they don’t know well. If a man has no issue with showing his feelings via tears, that’s one of the signs of a feminine man. Again, it’s a good thing to let everything out from time to time, so maybe you find this attractive?

#4 He will easily talk about his emotions. Traditionally, a man doesn’t like to open up and talk about his emotions. He will instead deflect the conversation somewhere else, usually with humor as a shield. A man who has no problems talking about his feelings is likely to be quite feminine in his character.

#5 He’s a fan of social media and loves to get online attention. While not a particular deal breaker, if he’s posting selfies and quotes, it’s likely that he’s showing his feminine side to his followers! Most men don’t really care about likes and shares. A feminine man is likely to do so.

#6 His style is flamboyant or out there. A traditional female trait is the ability and desire to  explore fashion and show off personality via clothing and accessories. If a man does this, it’s quite likely that he’s feminine. He wants to show off his personality via colorful clothing, different designs, and pieces which are far less traditionally masculine.

#7 He has far more female friends than male friends. One of the biggest signs of a feminine man is that he has a lot more female friends than male friends. This is because he connects better with females and bonds more easily.

#8 He takes a while to get ready when going out. You can easily find a masculine man who takes a while to get ready. This is far more likely to be the case if a man is more feminine. If he takes longer to get ready than you do, that’s something to look out for.

#9 He doesn’t connect with anything considered masculine. If a guy is feminine, he’s likely to find things traditionally masculine either a waste of time or possibly even offensive.

#9 He’s very coordinated in terms of clothing and accessories. Most masculine men won’t really care whether their shoes match their top. However, a feminine man will show far more concern in their outfits.

#10 He’s quite sensitive and takes things personally. If he is easy to offend, takes things personally, or sensitive in general, these are all clear signs of a feminine man.

#11 He’s far more likely to be a cocktail drinker than a beer guzzler. When you’re out on the town, if he prefers the typically feminine drinks, take notice of that sign! Of course, one cocktail doesn’t make a guy feminine. If this is his go-to drink of choice, that’s a clear sign.

#12 He loves his man bag. Does he carry a bag around with him? I’m not talking about a backpack full of sports clothes. If you notice a guy regularly carrying a satchel-style bag, usually containing, wallet, beauty items, etc, then that’s a pointer towards femininity.

#13 His sensitivity causes him to cry at films. While normal to sniffle a little when a film is sad or harrowing, if you notice a guy crying at rom-coms and other emotionally-charged films, it’s likely that he’s particularly feminine.

#14 He is always keen to know where he stands. A masculine man is far more likely to go with the flow and see where things end up. However, one of the signs of a feminine man is a willingness to have a chat about where a relationship is going and where he stands. This is a great sign if you’re someone who likes to know exactly the same thing!

#15 He’s into shopping. Everyone needs to go shopping from time to time. But if a guy finds an afternoon out at the local mall to be a great use of his time, that’s a sign he’s in touch with his feminine side.

#16 He takes pride in his surroundings. The home of a feminine guy is likely to be tidy, clean, and attractive. This guy isn’t someone who can live with dirty clothes on the floor or dishes from the previous day!

These signs of a feminine man are clear. Now, if you notice one or two, that doesn’t mean the guy in your life is particularly feminine! We all do certain things from time to time. Perhaps go through phases of liking a particular fashion, but if you notice several of the signs over a prolonged period of time, it points to a guy in-touch with his feminine side.

That’s no bad thing!

A feminine guy will communicate far easier, open up about his feelings, and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side. However, if you prefer a masculine man, these signs should point you towards incompatibility. We all prefer different traits, after all!

Noticing signs of a feminine man doesn’t really mean anything. The guy in your life is simply in touch with his feelings, sensitive, and takes pride in his appearance and surroundings.

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