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3 Jul

15 Reasons to Have a Fun, Dirty Sex Marathon All Weekend Long

If you have a weekend alone with your lover, you need to make the most of it. Here’s how to have a naughty, dirty sex marathon all weekend long.

There’s really nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and having some great, dirty sex. The only thing that could possibly be better is if you continue to have fun sex throughout the entire weekend.

If you have some time off and have the entire weekend alone with your significant other, then having a sex marathon is definitely the way to go. Everyone needs to forget their responsibilities and focus on having great sex for a couple of days straight.

Sometimes it’s great to forget everything and just have sex

This is especially true if you’ve been in your relationship for a very long time. You tend to get into a routine with your partner and that can end up being boring. And your sex life should NEVER be boring.

That’s why it’s beneficial to just forget your other duties to have sex all weekend. It’s a great way to bond, grow closer to your partner, and just enjoy each other’s bodies. The hustle and bustle of life can often get in the way and we can forget to truly appreciate each other on a sexual level.

Why you should drop everything and have dirty sex all weekend long

If you’re down for a sex marathon, then dirty sex is definitely the kind you should be having. Who cares about regular, boring sex when you could be getting down and dirty? But first, you have to know how to have the best dirty sex before you can jump right into a weekend of bliss.

How to have dirty sex like a pro

If you want to switch things up, having some raunchy, rough sex is the best way to go. Here’s how to switch out of your norm and have some great dirty sex.

#1 Play up your fantasies. Do you have this one fantasy you’ve always wanted to try but just can’t seem to find the time for? If you want dirty sex, you can definitely make it a reality. Talk about what you’ve fantasized and then put it to work.

#2 Start talking dirty. Dirty talk is an obvious way to turn normal sex into something a lot more fun. Throwing in some sexy phrases will not only make you feel better, but it’ll turn your partner on like you wouldn’t believe.

#3 Make it rough. Rough sex and dirty sex are relatively the same thing. Turning it up a notch and getting a little rough with each other can make things a lot more exciting. Not only that, but it can also give you more intense pleasure.

#4 Get some biting action. If you really want to have great dirty sex, start biting and nibbling your partner. You absolutely don’t have to do this if you’re not comfortable with it, but it can be really sexy if you do it in the right places.

#5 Use some sex toys and tie each other up. Get all 50 Shades of Grey on each other. Grab some fun sex toys, tie your partner up, and go to town on them. Make them feel good while they can’t even move. That’s the dirtiest sex of them all.

Why you should have dirty sex all weekend

Do you really need more reasons to let go of your responsibilities and just have sex all weekend? If you’re not convinced, here are more reasons to have a sex marathon.

#1 It’ll bring you closer together. Sex is great for bonding you with your partner. You can create a deeper connection by getting naked and having sex all weekend. Not only will you be making each other feel great, but appreciating each other’s bodies is important in any relationship.

#2 Orgasms, lots of them. Need I say more? You’ll have tons of orgasms all weekend long! And we all know how great orgasms are. They feel amazing and they’re actually very healthy, which brings me to the next point.

#3 It’s great for your health. Having sex strengthens your immune system and even reduces stress. Both of these can be great if you’re struggling to get over a cold or even if you want to prevent getting sick. That means having your dirty sex marathon is even more beneficial in the winter when the illnesses start coming around.

#4 It’ll kick start your sex life again. If you’re stuck in a rut where you’re just not having sex that often, you need a sex marathon. Spending that time to realize how great and fun sex with your partner is can help you get back on track.

#5 It’s a great way to pass time. Why watch movies and clean the house when you can be having sex instead? This is especially useful if it’s a gloomy weekend and you can’t really get outside to do much. You’ll be able to pass the time indoors having fun.

#6 It’ll relax the both of you. Sex reduces stress, that much we know already. But that reduction in stress can help you communicate better with your partner and it can even help you get ahead in your career the following week by leaving you refreshed and ready to work.

#7 You’ll sleep much better. Since you’re doing so much activity during the day, your nights will be spent fast asleep. You won’t have to worry about tossing and turning. Wearing your body out with sex helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

#8 You’ll be happier. Everyone could use a boost in their mood. Sex is a fantastic way to get rid of that crabbiness and get back to a happy state of mind. Because of the endorphins released when you have sex, you’ll stay in a great mood all weekend.

#9 You can experiment with your partner. Use your dirty sex weekend to experiment in the bedroom. Try new things. Go get some sex toys and put them to work. If your sex life has been lacking, use that weekend to find new things the both of you really enjoy. This way, you can implement them into your regular sex routine for better sex.

#10 You’ll feel young again. Even if you ARE young, having a dirty sex marathon all weekend can bring you and your partner back to the very beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

Don’t you miss that excitement and all that great sex? Bring it back this weekend by forgetting everything else and diving into sex all weekend.

Having dirty sex isn’t for everyone. But if you are into it, these reasons for getting it on all weekend long are more than convincing. Grab your partner, hit the mattress, and do the dirty.

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