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13 May

14 Signs He Has Feelings for Another Woman: Are You His One & Only?

In a relationship, it’s assumed you’re committed to each other. But, sometimes, you’re worried you see the signs he has feelings for another woman.

Some people end up developing feelings for other people when they’re in committed relationships. We’re only human after all. You may be thinking he’s the one, but he may not be so sure. In fact, he might even be displaying signs he has feelings for another woman while committed to you.

Does this mean he should be going behind your back? Not at all. In reality, you shouldn’t have to be fishing around, seeing if he’s in love with someone else. But not everyone has the courage to tell their partner they have feelings for another person.

14 signs he has feelings for another woman when he’s dating you

You meet a guy and fall in love. A classic love story. And you spend your days and nights together, getting to know each other then become a couple. Everything sounds nice and sweet, right? Right.

This is usually the course for most relationships. Then there’s a moment when both decide whether or not this is something they want, and things either continue or end. Sure, it can be dramatic. There can be a lot of breaking up and getting back together. This is just a part of the process. But during this time, a lot of things can happen.

With that said, here we are. You feel something is up but aren’t quite sure what it is. I’m here to help. Here are the signs he has feelings for another woman. Should you be asking, am I the only one?

#1 You feel it. Every human has intuition. It’s that little voice in your head that tells you when something is wrong. It’s the feeling you get in your stomach when you know someone isn’t being honest with you. That’s intuition, and it’s something you should consider.

If the voice in your head says, “I think something shady is going on,” then the odds are something is happening. It may not be cheating, but it’s something.

#2 The small gestures end. Your boyfriend used to send you good morning messages in the morning, or a selfie while stuck in traffic, but that’s all ended. In relationships, these small gestures are what make the relationship. Maybe he would always bring you flowers or take you out every Friday for ice cream. These gestures show he cares. But they’ve all stopped now.

#3 He doesn’t go out with you in public. If possible, he avoids going out with you in public at all costs. If that’s the case, then there’s a real problem here. Why would he care if other people see him in a relationship? There’s a pretty good reason why. I think you know the answer to it. If he’s avoiding being seen with you, get to the bottom of it.  

#4 He’s not so attentive during sex. When you were intimate, he used to care about you and focus on pleasing you, as you do for him. But now when you have sex, it feels mechanical, lacking any emotions. If he’s not interested in pleasing you, talk to him. It doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you, but it shows his mind isn’t where it needs to be.

#5 He avoids eye contact. When you’re speaking with someone, eye contact is not something you even think about. You look at the person you’re talking to. But the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if his eyes are avoiding you, he doesn’t want you to know something.

#6 You’ve caught him lying. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. And though you haven’t been able to really put your finger on what’s going on, you’re no longer able to fully trust him. If you can’t trust him, then this is a genuine issue because a healthy relationship is made on mutual trust. 

#7 Where’s the PDA? It’s not here, that’s for sure. You used to hold hands, give each other kisses and hugs while at the supermarket or walking down the street. But that’s all come to an end. He’s no longer showing PDA when he used to be someone who loved doing it. Now, that’s just strange.

#8 He doesn’t show excitement. When you were around each other, there was this buzz, this excitement between you. There are moments when that fades for a couple, but is this lack of excitement one-sided? When you are out, it feels like he’s in pain to spend another minute beside you. And if that’s the case, ask him what’s up.

#9 He doesn’t confide in you anymore. When he came home from work, he used to tell you about his annoying boss, or a joke his co-worker told him. But he doesn’t confide in you anymore. The deep conversations you had have come to an end. But he is still having those conversations… just not with you.

#10 He brings up this girl in conversation. One of the clearest and pretty obvious signs he has feelings for another woman is when he starts bringing her up in conversation. Some men could completely hide the existence of another woman, but for most men, the excitement of being with their new crush may make them want to talk about her with others.

The other woman could be a friend or someone he works with, but you’ve noticed him bring her up in conversation more often lately. And there’s a reason. If you notice him comparing you to her in looks, the way you dress, etc., then this is a red flag. He never mentioned her before. Why now?

#11 He hides his phone. He usually wouldn’t care if you used his phone or if it was left out on the table, but now, he makes sure his phone is password protected and tucked away in his pocket. When he texts, he makes sure his phone is turned away so you don’t see who he’s talking to. Suspicious!

#12 You don’t see him as much anymore. You two would see each other every other day and spend your weekends together, but you see him less and less. It’s not because of your wants, it’s because he doesn’t have time to see you anymore. But why? Nothing has changed… expect something has changed.

#13 He’s suddenly into his looks. Your man would wear underwear he discovered on his floor, but now, he’s only wearing the best of the best. He focuses on his appearance, how he smells, and how he styles his hair. In other words, it’s the complete opposite person you’re dating. So, what’s the sudden change? Who inspired him?

#14 He’s more distant. Listen, it’s hard to be yourself around your partner when you know you’re cheating on them. Of course, unless you’re a sociopath and don’t care. But if you’re human, being around your partner while lying to them is a challenge.

So, your boyfriend may act a little distant and that may not mean he’s cheating on you. But if you notice the other signs along with this one, it’s something to consider.

Relationships are tricky, even when you’re in a committed relationship. If you see the signs he has feelings for another woman, hopefully these tips help you find the answer.

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