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25 Jun

10 Reasons Most Men on Dating Sites Fail

Isn’t most of the dudes on dating sites are total clowns? Most of them haven’t a clue what it takes to attract women. And most of the rest don’t know how to get a woman that’s attracted to them into bed.

We don’t consider most of the men on affair dating sites competition. In fact, we hardly even care about the male to female ratio. It’s irrelevant to us. Why? Because we’ve paid a great deal of attention to what the other guys online are doing. We notice many mistakes they make. Of those mistakes, we’ve narrowed them down to a list of the 10 most costly ones.

1.Being far too perverted. Logic says that on a hookup site, you should whip your cock out and let the ladies see if they like it. And you should go on and on in your profile about your favorite sexual positions and fetishes. Logic is wrong. we’ve had enough success on affair dating sites to know that he who is more mature and confident gets laid.

2.Getting drunk on a first date. This is a big no-no. Take her out for drinks to break the ice, but don’t get drunk. Just have a drink or 2 (nothing too strong). Focus on getting laid instead of getting drunk.

Drunk on a first date

Drunk on a first date

3.Not proofreading your profile. This may surprise you, but women on hookup sites actually do care about how intelligent you are. They find intelligence sexy. No, they don’t find a math nerd sexy. I’m talking about guys that have the intelligence to write a coherent sentence, and don’t misspell every other word.

4.Going after women out of your league. Come on, if you’re a 300-pound, zit faced momma’s boy, what makes you think a perfect-10 is going to want your cock? Be realistic. Going after women above where you rank physically, but you have to be realistic.

5.Not filtering your search results. The problem might not be your inability to attract women. You might be attracting the wrong women. That is likely the result of you not filtering your search results to include only women you might be interested in.

Attracting the wrong women

Attracting the wrong women

6.Having no cojones. You think women aren’t after you. But the real problem is you don’t have the balls to go through with an affair. You’re too afraid of getting caught and it’s affecting the way you interact with women online.

7.Posting a horrible profile photo. Looks do matter, to an extent. The key is to make yourself appear attractive. You do that by uploading nice photos. Wear nice clothes, comb your hair and shave/trim.

Make yourself appear attractive

Make yourself appear attractive

8.Your Instant Message game is lame. Once you’ve convinced her to chat with you via IM, you need to amuse her. Be a funny guy that’s intelligent. Don’t be boring. And make sure you NEVER end a conversation without setting up a date.

9.You’re not willing to make time for women. We understand the struggles a married man has of finding time for someone else. If you want to get laid, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices.

10.You’re not proving to have anything to offer. You must have something to offer a woman. It might be money, a hot body, or an awesome personality. Most men are unable to prove any of those online.

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