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3 Dec

What Does Sex Feel Like For a Woman? 7 Avenues of Pleasure

What does sex feel like for a woman? To most men, a woman’s orgasm is a sexually appealing mystery, and we’re intent on solving the case!

It’s no secret that sex feels great; it’s why humans have been shagging with delight for thousands of years! But have you ever wondered what sex feels like for your partner? Many couples have taken turns asking each other what sex and orgasms feel like, and have been curious to know how it differs from their own. After all, we experience different orgasms, varying in duration and intensity. The age-old adage is that, while women have to work a little harder to get their big Os, theirs are often more intense *and longer-lasting* than their male counterparts.

While it’s true that no one, regardless of gender, will experience the exact same length of pleasure or levels of sensation felt while climaxing, you’d still be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks an orgasm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, what does sex feel like for a woman?

Emotions and mental turn-ons

Leaving the physical behind for just a second, many women find that engaging in any form of sex with a partner they are in love with enhances their pleasure. Emotional and mental stimulation are just as important for some as physical attraction and arousal.

What does sex feel like for a woman?

Sex for a woman feels great—but how great, exactly? Rushes of warm water, waves of pleasure, full-bodied tensing, an eruption, a sweaty build-up of pressure, a deep exhale or a deep tissue massage, and “absolutely exhilarating” are just some of the terms used to describe exactly how amazing sex and orgasms feel to women. We’re exploring 7 avenues of sexual pleasure, as experienced by a woman.

#1 Foreplay. Kissing, caressing, and clitoral stimulation are all part of a glorious little thing called foreplay. All of this arousing behavior tells the brain to increase blood flow to the vagina and causes the lips and clitoris to swell. The brain also sends signals to her nether regions, saying it’s time to get filled up, and lubrication is in order.

Basically… she gets very wet. But enough with the technical jargon. The state of arousal feels absolutely sexy and causes an almost “pulsing” sensation around the clit area that demands to be satisfied!

#2 Vaginal sex. The feeling of a penis inside the vagina is like no other and, when done correctly, the orgasms involved are beyond explosive! When properly aroused, penis insertion feels warm and smooth. Women often have no way to describe vaginal intercourse other than to say they feel “filled up,” like an electrical charge is running through their core.

Rhythmic thrusting of the penis makes the vagina feel tight and wet. The penis rubbing up against the vaginal walls and G-spot almost create a sensation like the woman has to pee, usually welling up in the lower stomach. Once orgasm is reached, the sensation is a full-bodied release of intense, pleasurable waves that create contracting sensations within the vagina.

#3 What oral sex feels like for a woman. Oral sex, when performed correctly, is easily a sex favorite and, for many women, is the only way they will experience orgasm. Unlike vaginal intercourse, oral sex is much more focused, and much more relaxing. Oral sex is a warm, wet session of teasing that almost always leads to an intense build-up and release. Oftentimes, the orgasm involved in oral sex is so exhilarating and so intense, she may actually make you stop the moment she comes.

#4 Digital penetration. Compared to vaginal intercourse, finger insertion isn’t nearly as exciting, especially considering fingers are nowhere near the width *or warmth!* of a snuggly penis. While digital insertion can be pleasurable, it should be an accompaniment to other things, such as oral sex.

#5 Anal sex. Some women find anal sex intensely painful. However, when performed with plenty of lubrication, lots of clit rubbing, and a gentle—slow—partner, the uncomfortable “pain” sensation can make for a full-bodied, fabulously strong orgasm.

Anal sex should NEVER be done without simultaneously rubbing your girlfriend’s clit with your hand or using a vibrator. A woman is not likely to experience any pleasure from anal sex alone. To make it even better, spoon while trying anal sex; the spooning position is best for low-discomfort anal.

#6 Clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation, on the other hand, is one of the most amazing feelings a woman can experience. This form of stimulation is the key ingredient to making your girlfriend cum, whether you are performing oral, using your hand, inserting your penis, or using a vibrator.

See how versatile the clit is? A clitoral orgasm can vary, depending on the pressure applied and consistent motion used—aka up and down, around in circles, tapping, etc.—but most clitoral stimulation leads to an explosive orgasm.

#7 The after feels. While women are plenty capable of having multiple orgasms during a sex session, many women find the thought of this far too intense, due to the sensitivity of the clitoris following orgasm. This means that when your girlfriend comes after oral or digital stimulation and instructs you to stop, STOP! Continuing right after her state of sensitivity isn’t arousing; it’s painful.

When it comes to sexual preference in the bedroom, every woman is different, just like every woman experiences different types of orgasms. If you’re looking to better understand your lover in the bedroom, our guide of 7 sexual avenues is a great place to start. Your next step? Ask your girlfriend! Hearing your lady love tell you exactly what she likes and how tantalizing your touch feels on her is foreplay in and of itself!

In the end, unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, it’s hard to truly understand the depth of a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, and exactly what it feels like to have a penis inside you. Ultimately, what does sex feel like for a woman? Pretty amazing!

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