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29 Jan

The Art of Make-Out Mastery: 20 Tips for Powerful Success

The humble art of making out is much more difficult than most realize. But, with our tips to help you on your way, you’ll soon be a make out master.

Making out can occur at multiple stages of a relationship: either at it’s beginning, when the two of you are still getting to know each other and don’t yet have a full-blown sexual relationship, or in the later stages, when making out is a precursor to the main act.

In essence, it describes the stage that lies somewhere between a peck on the lips and heavy petting—the kind of thing that you can get away with in public, but only just! Making out nearly always starts with kissing, and usually ends with it, too, but picks up a few other peripheral activities along the way.

The following list of 20 make out mastery tips is split into two sections: the first for the benefit of our male readers, and the second for the benefit of the ladies. Not that there can’t be at least some crossover between the two, but, generally speaking, there are certain gender-specific tendencies that benefit from being addressed in that context.

Make out tips for him: revving up the raunch

#1 An environmental issue. One thing that guys often get wrong is that they fail to take the immediate surrounding into context. No woman wants to be kissed and caressed against the door of a man’s toilet, or in a sweaty, ill-kept bedroom. Set the scene, whenever possible, for immediate and lasting dividends.

#2 Hygiene foremost. Shower, shower again, and shower some more. Women love a guy who smells clean and fragrant, and are far more likely to progress through the bases if they are convinced they don’t need a radiation suit to do so.

#3 Lips first. Kissing should always start gently, with the insistence progressing gradually as the passions rise. Don’t jump straight in with a tongue that looks like something from a documentary of giraffes’ mating habits. Moving too quickly is an instant passion killer.

#4 Don’t panic. If something doesn’t go according to plan with your moves, like you bump heads, or one of you accidentally moves away at the crucial point, don’t worry too much. Just laugh it off together, and if it was meant to happen, it will. [Check out: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#5 Keep a firm hand. When you hold her or touch her in any way, make sure she feels the full span and strength of your hand. Don’t be rough or overpowering, of course—just let her feel the animal potential of your grip and watch her quiver.

#6 Full-body contact. Get in close when you’re kissing and press your body firmly against hers. Women are really turned on by a man’s physicality, so make sure you flaunt it.

#7 Bunny nibbles. The necks, shoulders, and ears of women are really sensitive to kisses, licks, and nibbles. If the passion isn’t being reciprocated, then try this tip and stand back to witness the fireworks fly. [Try: How to make out with a girl and make her love it!]

#8 Picking her up. Not figuratively, of course. Hopefully, if you’re in the situation of making out, you’ve already gotten that far. This tip means literally picking up the lady you are making out with, which, executed mid-kiss, is a huge turn on for her.

#9 Avoid jeans. A bizarre tip, but you’re not going to get very far if your swiftly-expanding nether regions are constricted, pinched, and crushed by a pair of denim passion killers! Leave them at home.

#10 Multi-tasking. This is something guys really do suck at. So, it’s important to give yourself a reminder every so often that you have two hands by your side that you could be using to your benefit. No need to just sit there, sucking on her face like a guppy fish. [Need some ideas? Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

Make out tips for her: jump-starting the passion

#11 The all-a-quiver. Before he goes in for the all-important first kiss, act coy and shy. Allow him to prove his manliness by subverting the pretty little thing in front of him. It might sound incredibly sexist, but men have a primeval attraction to women who seem physically weaker.

#12 The power of the straddle. While you’re kissing, get those legs wrapped around him. This is incredibly suggestive, and is probably the most powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal.

#13 A careful whisper. Whisper a few sweet nothings in his ear or, if you really want to get his pulse racing, a few not-so-sweet somethings. BOOM! [Check out: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

#14 Visual teasing. Men are visual animals and a bit of teasing goes a long, long way. So, do a little bit of tongue licking, leave your lips around the bottle just a little bit longer than you normally would, or whatever it takes to turn a kiss into something far hotter!

#15 Tongue and groove. Some women have a bit of an aversion to using the tongue in a kiss unless they’re already married and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary… but it really is one of the best ways to turn a friendly peck into a fire-nado! Use it.

#16 The thighs have it. When you touch your partner during the kissing process, make sure you occasionally allow your fingers to stroke his thigh. Thigh grazing is one move that will turn a sleeping dog into a rampant lion. [Check out: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly]

#17 Pucker up. Kissing should be a sensual thing. Make sure you pucker up your lips just before the kiss to create as much sexy contact as possible.

#18 Making the most of what men don’t have. Men get turned on by the things that are mostly unique to women—long legs, long hair, curved hips, small waistlines, slender necks, etc. Make the most of these, and dress to impress.

#19 No time to be prudent. Or prudish. Making out with someone who thinks they should only be making out in the presence of a chaperone is about as sexy as kissing a water buffalo. [Try: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

#20 One-digit hypnosis. If you really want to make him spring to attention, in more ways than one, then adopt this move. Essentially, it involves gently and sensually sucking on his finger to the point that he starts sending his fly buttons popping across the room like bullets. One caveat, though: don’t expect it to stay at the make out stage much longer.

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Armed with our top tips on make-out techniques, put your newfound knowledge into action, and blow your significant other away with the power of your performance. You’ll never look back.

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