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9 Feb

Smitten Kitten: All the Signs Someone’s Totally Smitten with You

Being smitten is a word that is rare, and so is being smitten. Like being hit by cupid’s arrow, these are the signs that someone is smitten with you.

No, we are not back in the 1920s, but I still believe there is something quite charming about someone being smitten with you. Smitten is a word that you might not have heard, and, if you have, you were probably visiting the assisted living community nearby.

It is a word that is a combination between magical and absolutely delighted. Yes, smitten is a word that I am personally starting a campaign to bring back.

10 signs that someone is smitten with you

So, what does smitten actually means? It means that you are overcome or struck by instantaneous love. Like love at first sight, it doesn’t have to be first sight, and it doesn’t always have to go away.

Smitten is something that is very special. It is that moment that you recount, well after you are old and married, as the moment when you just “knew” that they were the one for you. So, how can you tell if someone is smitten with you?

Like being hit over the head or shot through the heart by cupid’s arrow, these are 10 signs that someone is smitten with you.

#1 Their face lights up. When someone is smitten with you, it is like they are seeing color for the first time. A strange mix of amazement and bewilderment will cover their face.

Like seeing a unicorn, they didn’t really believe that anything as perfect or beautiful as you really existed. It is a look of instant love that is unmistakable; it is something close to finding out Santa really does exist.

#2 They can’t stop staring at you. When someone is smitten with you, it is like you have magical powers over them. The reason they can’t stop staring is that they don’t believe their own eyes that you are right there in front of them.

Typically, when you are smitten with someone, it is like all the qualities you have ever imagined being perfect is found in one person. Like staring at a jewel, you are simply too extraordinary to look away from. Also, they want to make sure that you don’t just disappear like a mirage.

#3 They are speechless. When you are smitten with someone, it can take your breath away… literally. It also can turn you stupid. Even the most talkative among us becomes a pool of idiocy not being able to say anything, just standing there with your mouth wide open. That is what someone who is smitten with you will do.

#4 They can’t stop following you around. When someone is smitten with you, they don’t want to let you out of their sight. Waiting their whole life for this moment of awesomeness, they will follow you to the ends of the earth, or just the next table or bathroom, if they have to.

The point is never to let their vision of loveliness go, and they work very hard at shadowing you so you can’t just dissipate into thin air.

#5 They text you non-stop. The smitten doesn’t stop at first glance. If someone is smitten with you, then they can’t get enough of you. That means that they want to be in constant contact with you. They hang on your every word and wait for your reply text not so patiently.

If someone is blowing up your phone, then that is a sure sign that they are smitten with you. When all texting rules go out the window, they are definitely smitten, and just don’t care about games anymore.

#6 They find any excuse to talk to or see you. When someone is smitten with you, that means that you make them feel alive for the first time. Like a drug, they will do anything and everything to make sure that they can have you around.

Finding reasons to call, text, or even to stop by, they are relentless in making sure that you are in their line of vision so that you don’t forget that they are there waiting in the wings to be loved.

#7 They give you gifts, send you things, or just spoil you embarrassingly. If someone is smitten with you, then they let all reason fly out the window. Doing anything to win your heart and hold it forever, they aren’t above lavish gifts, spoiling you with things you don’t need, or mushy messages that are so over the top you wonder if they are sincere.

Not being willing to let something go just because they don’t want to go too far or embarrass themselves, they aren’t about to give up and aren’t afraid to go overboard. 

#8 They are tongue tied. If they are tripping over themselves trying to find the right words to say, or anything to say at all, they are probably smitten with you. Even a rocket scientist can have a hard time finding the word “there” if they are smitten.

As if someone has kicked all your education and common sense out your head, they say stupid things that don’t make sense, off-handed comments meant to be funny but aren’t, and may come across as a bumbling idiot. It isn’t their fault; they are just so taken by you that nature took their brain, for a bit.

#9 Everyone in the room notices it. When someone is smitten with you everyone in the room notices. It makes the person who is smitten lose themselves and behave in an unusual manner.

That tough guy is suddenly tripping over himself and being sensitive, or that girl who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, is suddenly listening to what you have to say. When someone is smitten, everyone who knows them… knows. It is just that obvious that something has overcome them. 

#10 They ignore everyone and everything. When someone is smitten with you, it doesn’t matter who they came with or who was important to them before you came along. When smitten, everyone else in the room disappears.

If you notice that some guy has ditched his wingman, or even worse his date, then he is smitten with you. That old black magic has taken hold and isn’t about to let go.

Being smitten is like being hit with a rock but in a good way. Okay, so that doesn’t make sense, but, if you have ever been smitten with someone, it does. The signs that someone is smitten with you are all over their face, their behavior, and every decision they make. Totally obvious, if you don’t see the signs, then you aren’t looking.

Love is a very wondrous thing, especially when it happens in an instant. Being smitten with someone is that moment in your life when you know what you have been waiting for your entire life. If someone is smitten with you, then you are their image of perfection.

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