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13 Jan

Slutty Girls: 12 Positive Lessons We Can All Learn From Them

Why does it seem like everyone dislikes slutty girls? Maybe it’s because they haven’t figured out that slutty girls can teach some powerful lessons.

You can’t deny the fact that when you think of the word “slutty” you immediately think of something negative. Why is it we immediately think badly of those who are labeled as slutty girls?

Is it because we have come to think of slutty girls as dirty girls who disrespect themselves? I can’t say myself that I don’t turn up my nose at the thought of a slut. The word itself carries so much distaste when you say it that it’s no wonder we’ve decided to use it as a term to describe certain unfavorable women.

What constitutes a slutty girl?

I’m sure you know what a slut is by now—or rather, you know what other people have told you what a slut is. When I learned what a slut was, it was because people in my school had been calling me that, wrongfully, I might add.

A slut is defined as someone who has many casual sexual partners. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? A lot of people probably have a few different sexual partners at a time when they’re single. So where does the negative connotation come into play?

Slutty girls aren’t usually seen as role models

The negativity associated with slutty girls comes into play with societal norms. It’s perfectly acceptable—even celebrated—when men have multiple sexual partners, but for women it’s a huge no-no because we have to be these clean, proper, pristine beings that other girls can look up to.

Slutty girls teach us an awful lot—in a good way

Not all bad should come from being called a slutty girl. The truth is that slutty girls have an awful lot to offer the world. And no, I’m not talking about her hoo-ha. Here are some positive life lessons slutty girls teach us you may have never considered before.

#1 You should always be yourself. Slutty girls are 100% themselves and never try to be anyone that they’re not. They do what they want and sleep with who they want because that’s who they are, and they like who they are.

This lesson is a really powerful one to be learned because a lot of people are living their lives trying to be someone else. They spend so much time following someone else’s path rather than paving their own. Slutty girls pave their own paths and teach us that we should too.

#2 And never care what people think. While you’re clearing your own path in life, you should just not care what anyone else thinks—ever. Do you think slutty girls walk around super self-conscious because they are worried about what other people are saying?

If they really cared what other people thought, then they probably would put an end to their sluttish ways because that’s not exactly a positive thing for people to think. But they don’t and neither should you.

#3 You should enjoy the finer things in life, free of charge. Hooking up is completely free. I mean, aside from the lingerie and hotel rooms if you have to get away for a while. But otherwise, getting naked and going to Pound Town doesn’t cost a dime. It’s a hell of a better time than sitting inside pleasing yourself.

#4 Let loose and have fun. If there’s one thing you can never deny slutty girls are good at, it’s knowing how to have a GREAT time. I’m not just talking about letting loose as in unbuttoning your pants. I’m talking about letting go of the little things holding you back and really enjoying the free time you have. Don’t take life so seriously you lose sight of how to have fun.

#5 Be strong and ignore the haters. There is always going to be someone out there that doesn’t like you or has a few choice words to say about you. In the case of slutty girls, there are loads of people who are obviously calling them such nasty names.

But do they care? Do they give them a second thought? No. Slutty girls are REALLY strong when it comes to their emotions, and they can teach us all that we should hold our heads high and ignore those who try to tear us down.

#6 You should always be happy with how you look. AKA, be confident as all hell. How do you think slutty girls manage to find themselves all of these attractive male suitors? By being confident! When you’re confident you can do almost anything you set your mind to and attract almost anyone. Confidence is key when it comes to happiness in your life, and slutty girls are a great example of this.

#7 We should all embrace our sexuality more. After all, sex is one of the three top pleasures a human experiences. So why do we deprive ourselves of enjoying such a pleasure just because we’re scared of a word? Sex is NATURAL. Sex is human.

Sluts are called such because they know how to embrace their sexuality while other people shy away from it, afraid of what it might do. Well, take a lesson from slutty girls and let yourself be sexual. It’s only natural… and fun.

#8 Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you. If you ever happen upon a slut and you refer to them as such, you can be damn sure they will not give a flying crap about what you call them. They teach us that even a terrible name can be virtually harmless.

No matter what you’re being called you should never let it hurt you, especially if the person doing the name-calling has no idea who you are. Sluts are the best example of this because they truly aren’t hurt by your words and continue living their life.

#9 Never judge a book by its cover. I have a very close friend of mine who would be labeled as a complete slut if people knew what she did in her free time and what her weekends consisted of.

The point here? She is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful person you would ever meet—ever. Just because she likes to hop into bed with a few different people doesn’t make her a terrible person. Slutty girls teach you should never judge someone based off of what they appear to be, or worse, what other people tell you.

#10 Spread love, not hate. You hardly ever hear a slutty girl refer to anyone by a mean and vulgar name. In fact, these girls are probably the nicest ones you’ll find because they truly like to spread the love around—figuratively and literally. Take a page from their book and give love and stop using words like “slut.”

#11 Do what makes you happy. If that hottie at the bar is what’s going to make slutty girls happy, then by damn they are going to do him. Why? Because they do what makes them happy no matter what anyone else has to say.

Everyone should take a lesson from slutty girls in this instance and do whatever makes them happy no matter the reaction they may get. Of course, don’t commit a crime just because it makes you happy—that’s a no-no. But otherwise, forget what you parents say, forget what your friends say, do what will put a smile on your face.

#12 It is okay to have sex with people and enjoy it while also respecting yourself. A lot of people seem to think that just because they had sex with someone that they’ll lose all respect for them.

However, slutty girls have sex with many different people and still carry themselves with respect and be respected by many. The lesson here is that it’s perfectly fine—and normal—to have sex with someone while still respecting yourself. 

Slutty girls may not have the best reputation in the world when it comes to being role models, but if you look a little deeper, they can teach us the most important life lessons we’ll ever learn.

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