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10 Jul

How to Have Sensuous Sex

Did you ever feel like ‘love’ was missing while you ‘made love’ to your partner? Find out how to have sensuous sex and bring the sensuality back into bed.

Wondering how to avoid getting bored in bed? Find out how to have sensuous sex with these simple tips.

Has making love gotten so monotonous that your bedroom life has almost come to a standstill, and you’d rather order a takeout than play in bed?

How to have sensuous sex

It’s natural to start getting bored of sex a few years down marriage.

But that’s no excuse to avoid having sex or finding little ways to recreate the sexual high of the younger years.

Read these tips on how to bring sensuousness back into the bedroom.


Compliment your partner. Let them know that you like what they are doing to you. If your partner gives you a massage as he plays with your body and you like that, let him know. Or tell her how good it feels when she kisses you all over.

The Perfect Touch

A lot about making love is all about the touch. If you gently move your hands all over your partner’s body as the both of you lock lips, it would definitely get your partner’s senses tingling for more. Caress and kiss your partner’s face as you make love with each other.

Spend a lot of time kissing and caressing each other before you actually get into the act. Enjoy your bodies together, and make sure you run your fingers all over your partner even as you get ready for one of the best love making sessions you would have had in a long time.

Take a Bath Together

It’s been a hard day, and you just want to have a quick shower and kick back to unwind. Instead, have a bath together. Sit down in your bathtub, and just talk to each other. Relax in each other’s arms, and even before you know it, you would be teasing each other into bed as you towel each other off…

The Perfect Atmosphere

Pillows, candles, and music! Well, that’s pretty much all you would need to set the perfect atmosphere. Lay out clean bed sheets, and pile your extra pillows on the bed. Burn a CD of your favorite songs, preferably ones that can get both of you into the right mood. Light up a few candles. It’s really sensuous to make love while watching each other’s bodies in the soft candlelight.

Eye Contact

There’s something about eye contact that makes the moment you share together in bed all the more intimate. It makes you realize that there is just this one person in the whole world who can make you feel this way. It may feel a little awkward at first, but after a while the eye contact would create a connection that can heighten the pleasure of love making.

Cuddle after Play

Women already know it… some men, however, don’t realize how much it means to a woman when her partner stays awake to cuddle after making love. Guys, when you make love to a woman she feels closer to you, when it is over she likes to revel in how wonderful she feels, and does this by talking and snuggling up with you.

Undress Each Other

Instead of going to bed with nothing on, wear something hot so your partner can undress you. This might not help you create any sort of a dazzling display of intimacy but this would definitely slow the both of you down. It’s great to slip into bed in the buff or in your boxers and have a quickie once in a while, but this ruins the art of love making. Spend time exploring each other and don’t rush it in. Women love unbuttoning their man’s shirt just as much as men love seeing their woman in sizzling lingerie. Go all out and explore each other and take as long as you can with each other before you jump the bed!

It’s easy to forget the passion and lose the sexual attraction. Find your own little ways to keep the excitement alive. Use these tips on how to have sensuous sex and make a difference!

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